Bulls' fans perspective

I don't know if this accomplishes anything at all, but I thought for fun I'd post some of the recent fan comments from our friends at Blog-A-Bull on their team's first-round matchup with the Pacers:

The negative

I just don't see it going 6 games. Barring injury.

If we are whole and healthy, I see an MVP first round beat down.

i cant remember a team whose offense ran so hot or cold as this pacer team.

they can shoot 69% from the field against orlando and i wouldnt be surprised. they can shoot 27% against toronto and i also wouldnt be surprised. weird team.

we got the pacers coach fired for cryin out loud

we own them!

Oh no Rose is pissed on how they lost to the Pacers... He is licking his chops to play them again.

I predict sweep, because they lost to Indiana they won’t play with them in the playoffs.

Danny Granger said the Pacers are happy to get Chicago in the first round.  Punk, DRose is gonna s*** all over them in the playoffs while Omer pisses on them Spartacus style.

God have Mercy on the Pacers

If Rose gets ahold of that (Granger quote).

You don't say that s***

You almost never hear a player answer the question “Who do you want to face?”. It’s just flat out disrespectful to say a certain team.

The somewhat positive

Pacers have impressed me lately, but I doubt they have enough to make things interesting. If they’re really hitting shots, I could see them grabbing a game or two.

It may not go to 6 games

I’m just saying don’t expect to win 110-80 every night. In 3 games, we did lose 1 so don’t get surprised if it does.

They do get luccky sometimes, earlier in the year they had that crazy 3rd quarter

Pacers hit 20 straight shots

Meh, he didn't say anything bad (Granger).

The Rose Bulls haven’t won a playoff series yet. Chicago has only proven to be a great regular season team thus far. We’ll just have to stomp them to show them we’re for real.

My synopsis is Bulls' fans are obviously pretty confident in their team (as well as they should be) and don't think much of their counterparts (Indy probably deserves some of that sentiment).

Hopefully, Indy can swiftly change some minds come playoff time. 

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