Two Lineups to Watch This Offseason

What a pivotal offseason it is for the future of or franchise. Both the free agency and draft classes have been determined as being weak but, there are gems. Gems that could help bring this team to championship contention. Here are two teams that have pieces that could fulfill our dreams of someday being crowned with a title.

The Free Agent Team

 PG- Rodney Stuckey- The Pacers have been at a disadvantage many times this year having smaller point guards. We get beat up by bigger guards and a lot of the times it's been by Stuckey. Having a "Thunder and Lightning" combo of the two would be a matchup nightmare.

SG- Marcus Thornton- This man has shown what he can do when given a chance. He has gone crazy in Sac-town since being acquired at the trade dealine, the man is instant offense.

SF- Thaddeus Young- Thaddeus is really one of a kind in this league right now. He plays both the 3 and the 4 and is extremely athletic. He also does everything well and shoots at a high rate.

PF- Kris Humphries- Anyone who can knock people around and average a double-double is always welcome. Kim Kardashian would break up with him if he even mentioned her moving to "Nap-town" though.

C- Greg Oden- The ultimate wild-card. Is he ever gonna be healthy? Maybe. Maybe being in his hometown would set everything back to normal. The payoff would be huge.


The Rookie Team

PG- Jimmer Fredette- Fredette could go anywhere from 10-25 in this draft. I don't see him being a star, but he is bigger than most "points" and can knock it down from any spot under the sun.

SG- Marshon Brooks- Why does Marshon not get much love? I honestly have him as my steal of the draft. He averaged 24.6 ppg, 7 rpg, 1.2 blocks per game, and 1.5 steal per game. He's explosive, has good size at the 2-guard at 6'5. Yet, he's set to be picked in the second round..... I find this troubling. I called Paul George last year, I'm calling Marshon Brooks this year.

SF- Kawhi Leonard- Supposed to go lottery to around 17. Long wing that plays his heart out. If he could light up 3's he would be a top 5 pick.

PF- Trey Thompkins- Needs to be tougher defensively, but can score with the best of them. Has a pretty decent long jumper as well.

C- Stanko Barac- I know we already drafted him, but expect him to get the call up his offseason. He's been showing promise overseas and it's time.

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