Trading Granger.

I brought this up in an earlier post and got bashed for my comments on Danny Granger's playoff efforts. In my opinion, Granger did not play up to par for the leader of an NBA team and took too many forced shots. He is not the hope of this franchise going forward. If he was willing to take a backseat and let Darren Collison or Paul George take over, I'd be open to keeping him but, due to his confrontation with Lance Stephenson earlier this season, it seems unlikely.  I just don't see him as a leader or a winner.  He gained the least out of that USA experience than anyone else on that roster.  He just doesn't haven't that killer mentality and he should be dealt to a contender where he can be a solid No. 2.

But, the real question is who is available in the trade market?  Obviously, we have to wait for the new CBA to go through.  But I'd like to hypothesize for a bit, and I would love if you would help.

Would Utah be interested in this?

Yes, they have a fair amount of swing men, but they don't have a former All-Star on that team other than Devin Harris (who would pair up nicely with Granger).  They have an abudance of front court talent and could really use Danny's 3-pt range with Andrei Kirilenko coming off the roster.

What about Golden State?

David Lee was their golden FA signing last year, and they do have a nasty starting five, but if the Pacers threw in some picks or swapped some other role players, the 1-2-3 of Steph Curry, Monta Ellis, and Danny Granger is too much offense to overlook, especially for the Warriors style of play.

Of course, Josh Smith...

This seems to be a long shot.  So I'm just throwing this out there.  ATL needs the cap help, and James Posey is one of (if not the only) expiring contract we have going into next year.  Obviously, there needs to be some major adjustments to this trade, but we need to figure out a 3-team trade to swap Granger for Josh Smith.

Chicago needs the depth.

Deng or Granger?  That's the question.  Deng showed up pretty big in that first round on both sides of the ball.  Add in Gibson and this seems like an upgrade for the Pacers.  It spreads the talent around on the starting five.  The problem is, would Chicago be open to this when they can probably just sign a solid 2-guard in the off-season?  It looks to be a little lop-sided and I don't know if Chi-town would buy into this.

The Kevin Love Experiment.

One bloated, ugly contract.  Could've swapped Pekovic with Darko Milicic.  But, we get the best rebouding PF in the league and Minnesota gets rid of one horrendous contract and spreads the floor with Granger.  Only thing is, they seem to have their hopes up for Wesley Johnson.

THESE ARE JUST QUICK IDEAS.  Please, show me some of your ideas on how to get some depth at the 2 and 4 with a Granger trade.  Or, one or the other.  It's looking like the SG market is much better this year, so it might be smarter to sign a SG and trade for a PF.  I'm open to moving anyone except DC/PG/Hibbert.  Maybe even move Hibbert if we can sign DeAndre Jordan in the off-season.  

Have at it...

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