No longer open to keeping Vogel.



"You're good kid.  But, I think I'm going to have to go with the washed up vet wearing the off color accessory in this 24 point blow out.  I just don't have any faith in you or your abilities."

I know he's young.  I know he's in a tough spot as an interim coach. I’m no longer ok with this Vogel character. If we are throwing in the towel in the 4th,Ok.  I think I'd like to see a little more faith, even if it is just to give BS confidence to our young starters.  They'll need it in a couple weeks assuming we make it in.  However, if you are going to take this chance to rest guys, and let the bench make a valiant effort to get us back in the game, play our most talented players please.  AJ has gotten tons of minutes over the last few weeks as the # 2 guy.  And lately, he’s done pretty well. But, I must ask… 

Where in the World B Free is Lance Stephenson?  I don't care if you've seen this guy in practice try to drive the lane spinning the ball on his finger like Curly Joe.  I don't care if he's said, "I'm going to take off part of next season to produce the world’s first Hip-hop Polka album."  This kid has talent.  Get him some more run.  Not for this year of course, but we only got him on the cheap for one more season.  If we don't like his attitude, if he's not in our future plans; showcase him!  We will have a plenty long off-season.  Trust me.  We might want to use him then if not now.  He'll be more useful if other coaches/scouts/GMs could see a little more from him.  Especially since I'm hoping some GM or future GM, coach or future coach outside our organization will be inside our organization come July.  But also if we are trying to make moves to get better now or in the future.  The fact that he got no minutes in this game should tell him and his agent, "we have NO use for you."

During the pre-game they showed a segment of an interview with Vogel talking about how most teams ratchet down to an 8 man rotation for the playoffs and we won't do that because our biggest (only) strength is our depth and he'll stick with his 10 man rotation.  I agree.  We don't have 5 guys worth starting, we certainly don't have 8 guys worth getting ALL the minutes.  Given that fact, and the fact that we have a logjam at the wing spot, how the hell do we justify playing James Posey in his ugly ass Celtics head band for the entire 4th quarter and not giving any minutes to a promising young guy like Lance Stephenson? 

Had Granger and Collison and Hibbert played any minutes late, maybe I'd give him a pass for trying to make a comeback and get within a game of clinching the 8th.  I know those guys were struggling and they could use some rest over the next few weeks, so I'm fine with resting them in a 24 point 3 quarter blowout, but to waste 12 of those minutes on a guy like Posey (who actually played "ok")!?!?!?!?  Why wasn't TJ Ford out there then?

I'm not happy with this.  The emotional effort on the floor was a disappointing.  The mental errors were extremely frustrating.  The coaching numbskullery was MIND BLOWING!!!

I still believe a really good coach could get this team to 45ish wins with the same talent we have now if he got to start the season fresh.  But, the fact that it's SO difficult to find a reasonable rotation with this roster may be the best evidence to justify my desire to go super cheap, stock up on youth and picks and throw the record/standings out the window for a few years. 

This is no knee jerk post.  It's mostly a rant about 12 minutes of Posey instead of 8-12 minutes of Lance.  But, if there is justification for such a terrible coaching decision, it's that the talent is just not there.

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