The truth about the off-season

This started out as a reply, but I had so much to say I just decided to make my own post. With that being said...


Frank Vogel should not be the next coach of the Pacers. Contrary to popular opinion, the main reason why the Pacer did well in the absence of Jim O'brien is exactly that....the absense of Jim O'brien. Vogel didn't employ anything special that put the Pacers over the hump...he just simply allowed the young guys to play so that the organization could see what we already had (which is exactly what an interim coach was supposed to do). And now that we see our problem areas we can complete the rebuilding process. The 1st step to that process is to hire a proven coach. None the less, great job Frank Vogel. I wish you well.

Step 2: Trade Granger

He has proven to be an inadequate leader and his continued presence would be enough to stunt the growth of emerging talents Darren Collison and Paul George as they will continue to concede responsibility to Granger in the clutch as long as he sticks around.

Step 3: Get a starting PF

Hansbrough has proven he can be a great 20 min energy guy off the bench but he's not an 82 game starter on a competitive playoff team. I'm not sold. 

David West?

Step 4: Get a scoring 2

Any of these would do: Marcus Thornton, Nick Young, Aaron Afflalo (Yes Aaron Afflalo!)

Step 5: Get a back up 5

DeAndre Jordan would be a wet dream come true. DeAndre Jordan is better than Roy Hibbert. He blocks shots, He can move his feet, he plays with a chip on his shoulder, he rebounds, and he dunks EVERYTHING! He can also play with Roy because Roy loves to shot the medium range jumper off the pic in pop. We could have our own version of the twin towers. 

Also...Jeff Pendergraph, DC's old high school teammate would be a great addition as well. He's like a younger version of Jeff Foster. He was a starter for Portland earlier in the year until he had a season ending knee injury. He will be ready to go next year and the Pacers could get him at a bargain.

Step 6:

Cut these guys: Soloman Jones, Lance Stephenson

That leaves us with 12 active and room to sign 2 draft picks.

2011-12 Roster:

Darren Collison/ AJ Price

Marcus Thornton/ Brandon Rush

Paul George/ Mike Dunleavy

David West/ Tyler Hansbrough/ Josh McRoberts

Roy Hibbert/ Deondre Jordan/ Jeff Pendergraph


This post say it all....have a good summer

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