Possible Salary Drops This Summer

This is a huge offseason for us, and with the new CBA possibly dropping salary cap, teams could be getting desperate to drop contracts, this could make things very interesting. Here's some big names that could be on the chopping block for salary reasons.


Al Jefferson, PF/C, 2 year/ 13 million yearly: For a team that is rebuilding and didn't make the playoffs this year, they spent a lot of money. Sure, Andrei Kirilenko's ridiculous 17 million comes off the books this summer, but this team is meant to be a team of the future after they reloaded and sent Deron Williams packing to avoid another "Melo-Drama". The Jazz are also sporting a couple of extremely talented bigs in Derrick Favors and Paul Millsap. Mehmet Okur is also on salary of around 9 million for next year. Jefferson is one of the best big man in the game though. No matter how little the hype machine (ESPN) talks about him. Here's his stat line for 35 minutes a game:

18.6 points per game

9.7 rebounds per game (2.9 offensive)

1.9 blocks per game

Only 2.9 fouls per game

76% free throw shooter

I'd love to have those kind of number on my team. Some people knock him for being injury proned, but he's only missed 6 games in the last two seasons, that's not too bad.


Andre Iguodala, SG/SF, 3 year/ 12.4 milion yearly: Does this one really suprise anybody? This guy would be on this list for the last three years and he makes it on it again. Though a fantastic talent on both ends of the floor, Iggy just isn't a #1 guy no matter how much Philly wants him to be. I'm not even gonna name his stats off 'cause you guys know what he can do and how much he costs.


Rudy Gay, SF, 4 year/ 13.6 million yearly: This idea was popped out there by writer Bill Ingram on Of course, first you would just deny this as someone just trying to make a story but he made quite an argument. The Griz have already given Zach Randolph a huge pay raise and Marc Gasol is the next one on deck this summer (and he's been playing better than his brother). The Grizzlies have also had a history of not paying over the luxury tax and the slightly overpaid Gay could get axed for a few cheap role players and draft picks. Not to mention they are making quite a stir in the playoffs without him. The Pacers would have the inside track, being able to take on more salary than it unloads. Here's his numbers in an inflated 40 minutes per game:

19.8 points per game

6.2 rebounds per game

40% three point shooter (not a volume shooter)

1.1 blocks/1.7 steals

-Plays hard nosed solid defense


My "video game" dream scenario? I'm glad you asked.

Trade Dahntay Jones, Josh McRoberts, 2011 first rounder for Rudy Gay. Trade our 2012 first rounder and Brandon Rush for Al Jefferson (It's all about the salary drop). Trade Danny for Monta Ellis. Golden State can get a bigger 2-guard that they wanted. Pick up Aaron Afflalo with the mid-level exception. Re-sign Jeff Foster for cheap. Sure, this is never gonna happen, but it's fun to think about. It kind of reminds me of the Celtics sweeping trades to get the big 3. It would be Darren Collison, Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay, Al Jefferson, Roy Hibbert for starters. Tyler Hansbrough, AJ Price, Paul George, Aaron Afflalo, Jeff Foster as our key backups.

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