Pacers can Force Game Six, IF This happens

How The Pacers can Force Game Six

Keys to Pacers forcing game six


The Pacer fans and everyone else were wondering why so many Bulls fans showed up for game four; answer- only a hundred miles separate Chicago and Indianapolis connected by Interstate 65- should the Pacer fans not opt to buy the allotted tickets, the casual Bull fan can jump in his car and make that quick jaunt to Conseco catch the game, thus the name 'The I-65 series' Now, should the Pacers heed these few tips, their can be a game six.


#1-  Coach Vogel, suppose you were a Indy race car driver instead of an NBA coach and you were leading the Indianapolis 500 by a half lap with three laps to go and you saw in your rearview mirror the competition closing fast, would you: A. slow down; B. put on the cruise control or C. Speed up?   In games one, two and four you chose to slow down, because you were ahead and what were the results?  The Bulls caught and passed you twice and you held on by the skin of teeth in game four.  Your motto should be ‘Speed Kills’ 

You missed several opportunities to put the game out reach when you built small leads by not knowing the ‘hot man’ and making a bad substitution.  Tyler was not hot Saturday but got how many minutes? McRoberts played well in how many minutes?  Collison was in a panic the last few minutes, probably feeling the pressure of the endgame, yet T.J. Ford played well down the stretch when he was out.  Mike Dunleavy can neutralize Kyle Korver, as these are two long range bombers who are defensive liabilities.

Matchups, matchups, matchups and keep the pedal to the floor.  As a legendary coach born in Indiana once said, “Be quick, but don’t hurry” (John Wooden)


#2  Derrick Rose is going to drive regardless of what you do on defense, using his speed; make him use that speed on the defensive end too, not a moments’ rest no matter who he guards.


#3 The Pacers have won as a team since the coaching change; a team trusts each other; everybody on this team is a professional basketball player in the finest league in the world, play the way that got you into the league.


#4 It is obvious the Bulls put all their energy into the regular season, Boozer in not 100% and Noah in a power forward playing out of position at center.  You have developing young big men, press your advantage. Keith Bogans is a good defender who will hurt you on offense only if let him run free.  Taj Gibson cannot stand coming off the bench and C. J. Watson does not have the green light. 


#5 Study the 1975 NBA Championship Golden State Warriors- They won the whole thing by playing ten with a lone All Star – Rick Barry.  The second unit was just as effective as the first unit


#6  Tell Chicago that the year is 2011 not 1991 or 1998; Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen  did not start to win championships until they signed a good center, namely Bill Cartwright, and a dependable point guard, John Paxson.  Derrick Rose has to run the team and score too.


#7  Do not fall for the injured ‘Star’ routine.  You are in a 1-3 hole, if you come in with a soft mindset thinking; ‘this is going to be an easy game’ you will never see game six.  That is the mindset that got the Bulls into trouble in the first place thinking you were going to be easy.  Follow these tips and maybe game six will be a reality.    

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