4 words & Pacers shock world!

Don't help off Korver! If the Pacers will listen to those four words they can shock the world.

Derrick Rose can score 30+ points. Chicago can get more free throw attempts. The Bulls can out rebound the Pacers. We can get untimely injuries. Small market Indiana can get screwed by the refs. But there is one thing that can't happen any more. Don't help off Korver!

In the first game Paul George helped off Kyle Korver to triple team Derrick Rose while he was driving to the lane. Rose jumped up and easily found Korver for the three point dagger that gave the Bulls the lead at the end of the game. In the second game Tyler Hansbrough helped off Noah to trap Rose half court. Rose passes to Noah then A.J. Price helps off Korver to double team Boozer leaving Kyle open to hit another late three point dagger.

That is what Korver does. He's a spot up shooter. It doesn't matter if he hasn't shot the ball all game long. He's Chicago's best shooter. Under no circumstances do you help off Korver ever!

Korver has been the x-factor in this series. He's only played 22 and 21 minutes in the first two games but has been the difference. He comes off the bench but is in with the starters down the stretch.

Korver is easy to stop. Just keep a man on him at all times. We've been guarding him with our point guards and he has not made us pay. He makes his living on kickouts. Take that away and he is useless. He is a defensive liability and that is why he doesn't start.

Danny Granger was asked about the scheme of trapping Rose and he said. "We thought it was a good scheme, it worked and the one time it didn't work was when Korver hit the big three." Coach Frank Vogel was asked about the similarities of the first two games and even he acknowledged Korver's late bomb.

Take away Korver's late exploits and this is a different series. The Chicago media has over hyped there team. They have been asking over and over why are they playing so badly? And over and over they have had to say it's because Indiana is a good team. If you look closely to the Bulls faces they are shocked that the Pacers are giving them such a hard time.

I can't wait to see the Bulls faces when they come here and get beat soundly. If the Pacers can tie this series 2-2. We will have the mental edge going back to Chicago. We already know we can beat this team. Now it is a matter of doing it. Go Pacers!

Do you think Korver is the x-factor? Do you think that we have put the fear into the Bulls? Do you think we can win our home games? If so, do you think we will have the mental edge in this series? Feel free to drop some knowledge.

Fellow Area 55ers & PTOers, HoopMoney droppin knowledge. Oww

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