History of 8-1 seed matchup

There have been only three times that a team with fewer than 37 wins to make the playoffs since the NBA have had at least 25 teams. Boston did it twice with 36 in 2004 and 35 in 1995. The team with the worst winning percentage ever to make the playoffs is the 52 loss Bulls in Jordan's second year.

The 8th seed matchup is always a tough one. You're playing the team with the best record in your conference. Since the NBA went to the eight seed format in 1984, only three teams have upset the top seed in the first round. Since the NBA went to a best of seven first round in 2003, their have been only one upset by the Warriors

From 1990 to 2002 their were ten 8-1 seed matchups that went the distance. The best of five game series were easier to have an upset. If it were not for a 'Travis Best 3 ball from the left corner' agaist the Bucks, the Pacers would have not made the Finals in 2000.

From 2003 there have been only two 8-1 seed matchups that have gone the distance, with Orlando and Atlanta both winning the three games at home. The only 1 seed to ever not go the distance and lose is Dallas is 2007.

A 'Rocky I' performance by "going the distance" in the first round is very unlikely. More likely is a Rocky performance 'going the distance in one home game that isn't decided with two minutes left.'

"Playoffs?! Are you kidding me?! Playoffs?! Playoffs, I just want to win a game!!"

If the Pacers can win a game in the playoffs this year that would be icing on the cake. If I had my way I would pick a game 1 win but more likely is a must win game 3 in front of a loud Fieldhouse crowd. It would go a long way in giving the Pacers and fans the basketball fever we so crave. Playoff bug hit me one more time.

Now being swept in the first round by a 1 seed is not an indication that you won't be in the playoffs the next year. More than half the time, if you get swept as an 8th seed, you are back in the playoffs the next year. (12-10)

There have been only 18, seven game 8-1 matchups. Six of them have been sweeps. Another 6 teams have won two games or more.

Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago & Oklahoma City have all started their current playoff streaks from being an 8th seed. Of the 41 teams to make playoff runs from the 8th seed (not counting current streaks) 20 teams are one year in the playoffs and out the next year. Another 8 teams are in for two years then out. Only 13 times out of 41 have an 8th seed made the playoffs for 3 years in a row or more.

Of the 41 8th seed playoff runs, 27 teams never went on to get home court. Only 10 teams have ever went on to have home court advantage more than once since starting out an 8th seed.

This young Pacers team have a good future ahead of them. Even if they get swept this year they have a great chance to make the playoffs next year & for many years to come and eventually get home court advantage. Go Pacers!

Fellow Area 55ers & PTOers, HoopMoney droppin knowedge. Oww!

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