Top 10 Teams Mike Dunleavy will least likely be playing for next season


10.Washington Wizards 


-Currently the Wizards will face allot of big decisions in the 2011 offseason if there even is one, they have allot of free agents on their plate that may end up being released.  Which means the Wizards will likely be going after big name players like Yao Ming this offseason and pose big competition to the Pacers in terms of signing big names this offseason.  Personally as A Pacers fan I like this rivalry as being a friendly one since I have an aunt and uncle living in Washington DC and Roy Hibbart is also a Washington DC native who graduated from Georgetown University.  But don't expect the Wizards to sign Mike Dunleavy, he will likely not be looked at by them until they get some big names on their roster and by that time he will likely be signed with another team.  


9.Oklahoma City Thunder



-Currently the Thunder have the forth seat in the Western Conference which means home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs with according to the ESPN trade machine Kevin Durrant being the teams only small forward on the roster.  Apparently having one small forward on their roster according to the ESPN trade machine has paid off for the Thunder since they do have a pretty good seat for the playoffs which is why I highly doubt they will be interested in signing Mike Dunleavy or anyone else at SF this offseason.  

8.Minnesota Timberwolves 


-Last summer Miami Heat F-Michael Beasley was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Currently the Timberwolves have Michael Beasley and Martell Webster who both average double digits in points per game and will likely both someday be signed to a long term deal by the Timberwolves on their roster.  Which is why this offseason the T-Wolves will not be interested in Mike Dunleavy or anyone else at the SF position.   

7.Portland Trail Blazers 


-Recently before the trade deadline the Blazers traded SG-Andre Miller, C-Joel Pzybilla, and draft picks to the Bobcats for SF-Gerald Wallace.  Because of the Wallace trade and the fact that the Blazers other small forward Nicholas Batum both average more points per game then Mike Dunleavy and both are signed through next season I highly doubt the Blazers will be interested in any free agents at the small forward position.

6.LA Lakers 


-SInce the Lakers have Ron "Rappin' Ron" Artest locked up for the next 3 years and also have Luke Walton who is too much of a fan favorite to be anything less then a second string player for the Lakers both locked up at the small forward position I don't think they will be interested in spending their money on anyone who plays the small forward position this offseason.  

5.Denver Nuggets 


The Nuggets recently traded SF-Carmello Anthony, PG-Chauncey Billups & Anthony Carter, & F-Renaldo Balkman & Sheldon Williams to the Knicks for SF-Danilo Galinari & WIlson Chandler, PG-Raymond Felton, and C-Timofey Mozgov.  I don't think the Nuggets will be interested in Dunleavy's services since they have Galinari at the SF position locked up for next season and will likely be more interested in re-signing Wilson Chandler.   

4.Memphis Grizzlies 


-This offseason the Grizzlies are going to have their hands full trying to re-sign Marc Gasol.  Plus I don't think the Grizzlies will be able to afford Mike Dunleavy's services next season since they already have Rudy Gay with a contract bigger then Danny Grangers at the SF position singed for 4 more years, will likely be releasing SF-Shane Battier at the end of this season, and really don't need someone like Mike Dunleavy at the SF position their too much of a small market team for that.  

3.New York Knicks


-Knicks will stay away from Mike Dunleavy next season almost as much as the Pacers and Golden State Warriors will.  Donnie Walsh had enough trouble with Dunleavy letting his team down when he was working for the Pacers.  Plus since the Knicks now have Carmello Anthony locked up to a long-term deal, I doubt SF will be a big position of need for them in the free agent market.  

2.Golden State Warriors 


-OK, lets just face the facts do we really think anyone in Oakland is going to want Mike Dunleavy back?  Picked third overall he was basically to Warriors fans the JaMarcus Russell of the NBA and when he played for the Warriors aside from Kwame Brown he was the most hated man in the state of California and the most hated man in the bay area because of his awful play for the Warriors.  Plus when the Warriors made that Gun Jack trade with the Pacers, they were doing it mainly to get rid of Dunleavy.  

1.The Indiana Pacers


-Could there be a more obvious #1, the only reason the Pacers traded for Mike Dunleavy in the first place was to get rid of Stephen "Just Shoot Me" Jackson because he was the most over payed piece of crap in the NBA who was making his team look and play worst on and off the court.  The whole trade aside from Al Harrington was basically one team's over priced trash for another team's more over priced trash with the Pacers getting the more over priced trash.  But as a Pacers fan I can't complain about the over priced trash in the Gun Jack trade aside from Dunleavy since one of those pieces (Kieth "The Moron" McCloud) was thrown out the following season and Larry Bird was able to trade 2 of the other 4 pieces for Darren "DC" Collison and Josh McRoberts.  But now the Pacers finally get to dump the last piece of trash in Mike Dunleay acquired from the Golden State trade involving the Gun Jack.  So expect Dunleavy to be released by the Pacers as soon as he either has anything that could resemble a season ending injury or as soon as the final buzzer sounds in the Pacers last game of the season faster then the Panthers released Jon Fox at the end of the NFL season.  And don't expect the Pacers to even begin to try and re-negotiate Mike Dunleavy's contract they have enough talent on their roster at the SF position and need Dunleavy's spot younger talent in the draft and free agent market.  But I will give credit where credit is due I am only calling Dunleavy trash because he has always played a position the Pacers have never had a need at since they got Granger.  Plus here's another reason Doneleavy will be gone faster from the Pacers, when Vogal took over as head coach the first thing he did was bench Dunleavy at the shooting guard position for Paul George and Brandon Rush.  

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