Who should the Pacers sign and trade for this summer (you decide)?


Looking at the Pacers future this summer you have 


With Mike Dunleavy's roughly 10.56 million dollar contract expiring, TJ Ford's 8.5 million dollar contract, Jeff Foster's 6.655, Josh McRoberts contract just under 900 thousand, Solomon Jones 1.5 million dollar contract, and even though he was placed on the team's non active roster in 2008 and cut in 2009 Jamaal Tinsley's 5.5 million dollar contracts all expiring next season, the Pacers will be roughly 35 million under the salary cap.  With the re-signing of McRoberts for more money and Jeff Foster for less (assuming he does not retire) allowing Doneleavy, Jones, and Ford to all walk, the Pacers should still be with in 30 million under the cap if not more based on what a fan has said about re-signing Josh McRoberts.  Now what I think the Pacers need to do when the NBA free agency period hits is first look at signing a big name shooting guard or athletic big man or two to a long-term deal that will not effect them re-signing Paul Goerge, DC, Hibbert, or Psycho T when their contracts are up.  Here the names Tyson Chandler, David West, and Jason Richardson have been tossed around.  Although the Pacers may be able to sign 2 of these 3 big names (likely just one and a semi big name) they still should possess a need for either an athletic big man or shooting guard.  


Now after the Pacers ink a big name player or 2 they should have a need for a player at either the shooting guard, power forward, or center position.  Here's where the Pacers may need to explore the trade market.  Now looking at the Pacers active roster for next season we can conclude this

SF-Danny Granger-High if not the most trade value of anyone on the team

SF-Paul George-High trade value

SF-James Posey-Basically no trade value unless included in a package deal with Psycho T, Hibbert, Paul George, or Danny Granger.

PF-Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrouhg-High trade value

G-Lance Stephenson-No trade value

G-AJ Price-Little to no trade value

SG-Brandon Rush-Little to no trade value

SG-Dahntay Jones-Little to no trade value 

C-Roy Hibbert-High trade value

When exploring the trade market, I think the Pacers need to place Danny Granger, James Posey, and either Brandon Rush or Dahntay Jones in a package deal for 2 players from another team with one of those players being either an elite shooting guard or athletic big man at either the center or PF position depending on what the Pacers get in the 2011 free agent market.  So the question now becomes who should the Pacers place on the trading block in a package deal involving Danny Granger and James Posey between Dahntay Jones and Brandon Rush? 

Personally I say place the package deal of Danny Granger, James Posey, and Dahntay Jones on the trading block so the Pacers can get rid of all their assholes from Duke the poop that makes you wanna Puke.  And no Josh McRoberts is not an asshole from Duke, he grew up in Carmel Indiana, does not have an NCAA ring, and only went to Duke the poop for 2 years because he wanted to play in the NBA ASAP.  And as for who the Pacers should trade Danny Granger, James Posey and either Brandon Rush, Dahntay Jones or both for, toy around with the ESPN trade machine I'm very interested to see what we the fans can come up with.  Other reason's why the Pacers would want to put Jones on the trading block in a package with Danny Granger & James Posey instead of Rush would be because his contract is bigger and longer, his PPG & RPG stats are lower then Rush's, and he is older then Rush.

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