Should the Pacers hire Donnie Walsh?


On March 13th, it was reported on SB nation Indy and ESPN by NY Post columnist Peter Vescey  that Larry Bird has sold his house in Indiana and is moving to Florida where his son plans on finishing college and could be done after this season as the Pacers GM.  Vescey also reported that the Pacers may also be looking bringing back Donnie Walsh as their GM.  Now I know Donnie Walsh has done some great things for the HATED New York Knicks who hired and fired allot of people before he came in.  And I understand that from 1987-2002 Donnie Walsh traded for Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Chris Mullin, Derrick McKey, Jermaine O'Neal, and Mark Jackson.  Along with drafting Reggie Miller over Indiana native Steve Alford out of IU and drafting Rik Smits, Fred Jones, Austin Croshere, Al Harrington, Travis Best, Dale Davis, and Antonio Davis.  And making draft day trades for Jalen Rose and Jeff Foster.  But Donnie Walsh also had a few bad moves in this time period as well.  He traded away Antonio Davis to draft Jonathan Bender in 1999 and drafted Jamaal Tinsley in 2001.  And since 2003 his track record with the Pacers has not been good and Larry Bird has been cleaning up the mess he made from 2004-2006.


So Here's a list of some notable things Donnie Walsh has done from 2003-2006

 2003-Traded Brad Miller for Scot Pollard in a sign and trade deal.

2004-After losing to the HATED stolen Pistons (note I call them the stolen Pistons because they originated in Ft. Wayne Indiana) who turned all their fans into convicts in the Eastern Conference Finals. He inked Jamaal Tinsley to a long-term deal (something allot of us hoosiers were against) so he could get lazy and sit on his ass in strip clubs. Then he made the worst trade in franchise history that me and allot of other people knew was a bad idea from the start when he got rid of Al Harrington for Stephen "Just Shoot Me" Jackson and his fat ass over priced long-term contract. And even though Al Harrington did request to be traded, trading him for someone like the Gun Jack (AKA Stephen Jackson) was a huge mistake on Donnie's part.

2005-Decided to make another stupid move when he traded Austin Croshere for Marquis Daniels and his fat ass overpriced contract. Then he made another stupid move Bird was against when he signed Šarūnas Jasikevičius to an overpriced contract.  But I will give credit where credit is due in 2005 Donnie Walsh did draft Danny Granger who was inked to a long-term deal by Larry Bird.

2006-In January of 2006, Donnie Walsh traded Ron "Rappin’ Ron" Artest my all time favorite Pacer after being suspended for a year thanks to the stolen Pistons asshole convict fans for Peja Stojakovic who only played with the Pacers in 2006 till just after the playoffs with an injury plagued season, because the team couldn’t re-sign him due to a bunch of long-term over-priced morons Donnie Walsh put on the team YES I’M TALKING TO YOU MARQUIS DANIELS, STEPHEN "JUST SHOOT ME" JACKSON, AND JAMAAL TINSLEY!!!!!! Then he took Shawnie Williams who turned out to be a walking arrest in the first round of the 2006 draft.  Then to make matters worst Donnie Walsh decided Al Harrington was worth the 11th pick in the 2007 NBA draft and James White who was waived by the Pacers in 2006 was worth the 11th pick in the second round of the 2007 NBA draft.  Another mistake Walsh made in 2006 was when he traded Anthony Johnson for Darrell Armstrong, Rawle Marshall, and Josh Powell.  


Now I know Larry Bird was also in the management for the Pacers when all this went down, but Donnie Walsh was the head guy so I think he gets most of the blame for the mess Bird has been cleaning up ever since he was promoted to GM. Donnie Walsh in my mind will never be welcome back in the Pacers front office it’s time to move on with either Larry Bird or Kevin Pritchard.


Now Drafting Danny Granger wasn't the only good thing Walsh has done for the Pacers since 2003 by trading Al Harrington for a bunch of trash from another team he was able to get rid of the Gun Jack (AKA Stehpen Jackson) and Šarūnas Jasikevičius.


So should Donnie Walsh return to the Pacers you decide, personally I think he punched his ticket out of the franchise when he traded for Al Harrington.   

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