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I'm reading rumors that Boston needs help at G/F with the loss of Daniels.

This wouldn't be what I would consider a golden opportunity but bronze maybe. Clearly something to explore given the composition of our roster and current flexibility and uncertian future.  A source was cited saying they are looking for a SF or big SG.  The source also said that Daniels (out for the season) and Nate Robinson (not heavy in the rotation) would be the only players involved.  

Some trade pieces to consider listed in order of most desirable to trade and acquire (actually, I consider Jones and Rush a tie):


James Posey-$6.5mil (2010/11) and $6.9mil (2011/12)

Mike Dunleavy-$10.5mil (2010/11)

Brandon Rush-$2.1mil (2010/11) and $3mil (2011/12)

Dahntay Jones- $2.5mil (2010/11) and $2.7mil (2011/12), Player option $2.9mil (2012/13) 

Solomon Jones-$1.5mil (2010/11)


Avery Bradley- $1.4mil (2010/11), $1.5mil (2011/12), two years of cheap Team Options (standard rookie scale for 19th pick)

2011 1st round draft pick (probably 27th - 29th overall)

Marquis Daniels- $2.5mil (2010/11)

Nate Robinson- $4.2mil (2010/11) and $4.5mil (2011/12)

Semih Erden- $0.5mil (2010/11) and $0.8mil (2011/12)

Luke Harangody-  $0.5mil (2010/11) and $0.8mil (2011/12)

Jermaine O'neal- $5.8 (2010/2011) and $6.2mil (2011/12)


I would love to see one of these deals, or at least consider the last three and jump on the first.

1. Trade Posey FOR Daniels and Robinson.  I like Robinson as a spark plug off the bench, but he's starting to seem like a selfish headache as much as a spark plug.  Never the less, I'd do this in a heart beat.  It would save us a little over $2.4mil. in cap space this summer and would give us another scorer off the bench or at least a tradable player/expiring deal this summer or next season.  Posey was a Boston fan favorite during the 2008 championship season and his strengths are what they are looking for...but, he doesn't seem to really posses those strengths anymore.  He's got big money coming next year too (for his production), but that franchise makes bank and isn't going to have cap room this summer anyway.  They aren't likely to do alot better offering Daniels piddly 2 1/2 mil. expiring deal and a 5'7" SG.

2. Trade Dunleavy FOR  Daniels, Robinson, Avrey Bradley, and  Harongody or Semih Erden (and try to get their 2011 1st rounder also).  I think Dunleavy would atleast be worth a 1st round draft pick and a young unused prospect to a contending team. Boston seems to be the only one with enough throw away salary to take advantage.  However, as much as they could use his floor stretching to let Ray Allen rest...not sure they'd be willing to sacrafice 4 on 5 defense.  Still, I think he'd make them better and no risk for next seasons luxury tax.

3. Trade Rush or D.Jones FOR Daniels and Boston's 2011 1st round pick and Avery Bradley.  I like Rush and Jones, probably more than most.  I think they're very solid role players for their salary.  However, if we have no plans to keep both in the rotation long term, then clearly this would be a solid move to pick up a young player.  The 27th-29th pick in this draft will be no world beater, but could be as good as Rush or Jones and will be cheaper for sure.

4. Trade Posey and Solomon Jones for Jermaine O'neal, Avrey Bradley, and 1st round pick.  This would actually cost us a bit more in 2011/12 sallary, but we add two new prospects and bring back a fairly well respected former franchise player.  This is similar to the 1st deal, but instead of us doing the deal to save a couple million in cap space in 2011/12, we are nearly breaking even in future salary, but gaining a late 1st round pick and a raw young combo gaurd.  Depending on the their perception of the injury status of J.O., Solomon Jones might be some nice little added insurance for Shaq and Perkins.

These are not block buster deals by any means, and I'm not sure if Boston is even looking for this kind of impact player that I'm presenting here (I use impact lightly, but they can't possibly expect a legit 10 man rotation guy with a managable sallary for Daniels and/or 5'7" SG).

I think I'd consider all these.  I get the feeling Boston really wants to get another year or two out of their big 3 before they start rebuilding.  None of these deals puts them in a bad position for the future unless they are in love with someone late in the 1st round, but I can't imagine the 29th pick would be a real sticking point to getting a legit backup G/F.  However, that 29th pick might help us fill out our depleted 2011/12 roster at a very cheap price. Daniels was their 8th man based on minutes played and I think aside from maybe Posey (who might play a little better back on a contender) all the guys we're offering here are better than Daniels. 

This is just my thoughts, and I feel like these are the type of little deals we should be looking for.

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