McRoberts or Hansbrough... Who Do We Keep?

Let me get this out of the way now: Hansbrough and McRoberts are much better than I thought they would ever be already. Especially Tyler.

The problem with these two is that, although they are good NBA players, you don't want one of them starting for your team if you really want to contend. The power forward position is a murderous row of talent. We are talking about players like: Bosh, Garnett, Boozer, Smith/Horford, Stoudemire, Brand, Gasol/Odom, Duncan, Dirk, West, Milsap/Jefferson, Aldridge, Randolph, Scola, Lee, Griffin, and Love.

Both of them would be good-to-great backup 4's. Both are really too small to be a back up 5. We don't yet have that starting 4 that can compete with those guys that we desperately need.

So, let us say Bird stuns us all and gets us that PF after the lockout. Who do you want to stick around and who do you want us to trade for assets? We don't need both... who you like more... Hans or McBobs?


After the jump... the stats.

All stats are per 36 minutes as it is a more accurate representation in this case.


11 ppg on 8.5 shots, 51% fg, 36% 3s, 68% FT, 8.7 reb, 3.5 ast, 1 blk, 1 st,  2 TO

15 PER, 58% TS, 13% TRB (19% D, 7% O), 15% ast, 1.5% st, 3% blk, 16.6% TO



17 ppg on 13 shots, 45% fg, 0% 3s, 83% FT, 9 reb, 1 ast, .7 st, .5 blk, 2 TO

15 PER, 53% TS, 14% TRB (17% D, 11% O), 5.5% ast, 1% st, 1% blk, 12% TO


I personally give my vote to McBob. I like his range, his passing (Hans is a black hole), and his defense is much better than Tyler's due to McBobs athletic ability. He is also younger and a bit taller I believe. I also think he is a better rebounder than Tyler as I think Tyler's offensive rebounding percentage is skewed to getting his own misses back. You also can't discount the "highlight reel" factor... things like that can wake a team up a start a run.

Hans has his qualities as well though. He is a much better scorer, doesn't turn the ball over as much, much better free throw shooter... and he is just downright a pain in the ass to play against. And you need that sort of player on your team as well. He can start runs as well just be frustrating the heck out of the opposing team.

For those that say it is too early to judge them both... I agree. However, we don't have the luxury to wait 2-3 years to decide on these guys. I would imagine the power forward spot will be the spot we address this offseason. DC is our PG. DG is our SF. Hibbert is our C. And George really looks like he is going to shore up the SG spot. Also, I believe McRobert's is a free agent after this year. We need to decide by the end of the year which one of these guys we will choose. We don't need them both. So, if you were Bird... who do YOU choose?

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