collective thoughts

Im a die-hard pacer fan, I've never posted on here before, but after reading some of the others fans idea, I figure why not let my opinion be heard.

I highly disagree with trading any of our players this year. Now if the right deal comes along and its impossible to say no, id understand. I don't think we should spend to much time trying to come up with a blockbuster trade though. For the first time in years we have a young and exciting team, why blow it up instead of trying to continue to build with our core of young players. so its safe to say i disagree with trading roy for mac gasol, josh smith, milsap, jefferson, ext. Not that i don't like those players but bringing in to many new faces and contracts will stop all the progress theyve made, especailly with a shortened season, and none of those players will bring rings to the pacers.

The amnesty clause is tricky. I read that it doesnt have to be used this year, just has to be used during the new CBA. if thats true then i think we should save it and not use it this year. Posey has 1 year left on his contract. his contract isnt going to stand in the way of signing new players this year being 20 mil under cap. D. jones is still productive and cheap for about 3 mill. so I dont see much sense to waste it on him either.

I dont think we should save all out money for next years highly anticipated free agent class. Lets face it, were not getting howard, paul, or any of the elites. to small of a market. But spending alittle money this year to improve the team roster with draw interest of not-so elite, but still really good players next year. We need to spend time developing youngs like pg and roy, who have potential to become all-star calibar players.

So this years possibilities and must:

  • resign bob and foster. foster more than bob. hes been a pacer for over a decade. he doesnt want that to change, Y shoud we. hes still productive. Bob with another big would make an overall 5 bigs roation.
  • Sign nene. Give him 10 mil a year. money not spent is money wasted. Him at the 4 and roy at the 5. it looks good on paper, probably better on the court. nene adds a toughness that roy hasnt showed yet. both good shot blockers. Hibbers post game could get better with nene helping. Carl Landry would be my second choice, Hes shown interest in the pacers and would be a scoring asset. not a permanent fix. skip on west. anybody else is a real gamble.
  • get another 2 guard.not crawford. doesnt fit in, too expensive. I like marcus thorton, nick young, and the gamble on brandon roy if hes released cause of amnesty. All upgrades over rush. This would make it easier for the pacers to let dc and hill share time at point. I like the idea of stuckey if we could get him from detroit. but im worried about his shooting. Shane battier would be great but not as much of a scorer as i wud hope, but good character and defense.

The main thing for this season i think, is to keep progressing and developing and go from there. Hopefully this post doesnt upset alot of ppl. my disclaimor is that i'm a FAN, not an expert. thanks.

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