* DG was shaky at best, but did what we all wanted him to do: Hit open threes, make a few great plays and show genuine effort on both ends. The efficiency will hopefully come sooner rather than later.

* George Hill is not a point guard. He played there for a few minutes in the second half and looked lost. He'll hopefully get there soon, because...

* Darren Collison still looks average. He made a few piss-poor decisions, but his shot selection was better than expected. I liked that he could knock down open shots. That's more than I could say for him this time last year.

* Lance Stephenson is shockingly can't take your eyes off of him when he's on the court. I don't like him even a little, and I don't think he's entitled to anything, but I'd like to see him get consistent minutes and...

* Dhantay Jones needs zero minutes. He does what he does well (hustle, defense, etc), but I'm pretty sure he'd do it no better than Hill, who will one day start making shots. Jones will not. He is wildly ineffective in any non-fast-break scenario.

* Didn't miss Foster. The three bigs stepped up the offensive rebounding in a big way. Hansbrough was great, even if he shot too quickly. West was amazing, given how uncomfortable they were to put him out there in the pre-season (he looked pretty much in perfect shape to me, especially with the low-block work...didn't even know he had that in him) and Hibbert was at times unstoppable. Loved it.

* Paul George did nothing to sway me from my man crush. He hit his threes, played great D...would've had 20 points if he hadn't been pulled after collecting two fouls in three minutes.

* I'm starting to really understand why Bird wanted Mayo or Crawford so badly for the bench. That stretch in the second quarter where it was Lance/Hill/Jones/Hans and West (with Hans at center) was brutal offensively. Though if Lance can get to the rim with regularity and HIll can start hitting ANYTHING it may not be so bad.

One game. 65 more. I love this team, and am super-excited to see what it does.


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