I know its just the preseason, but what did you take away?

My thoughts are below.

+ Tyler Hansbrough is beginning the season with the form he had last year, mid-range jumper looks very good, great off the glass. He even made a couple of good dump-offs for baskets, which has been a knock on him since college (can't pass)

+ Danny Granger looked a little pouty to me and did some very typical kinds of things. Jacked up a few ill-advised shots, made a couple of them. Played good defense in stretches, but seemed to fall out of focus at times. I know Granger tends to have bad preseasons, and I hope that is all this presages.

+ Lance Stephenson has game. He definitely showed his talent. And he also hogged 4 possessions in a row shortly after being put in. 4 good moves, one basket, no ball movement = bench. He seemed to be putting a bit more effort in on defense though.

+ Paul George continues to assert himself offensively (and defensively, but we knew that). Once he begins to put it together and cut down on the turnovers, he could be this amazing player people keep talking about.

+ Darren Collison looked steady but not great. If we keep up with the pick and pop game, however, I think he will begin to find his comfort zone.

+ George Hill's shot remained a bit rough early, but he seemed to find his rhythm in the second half. He definitely seems to be a more natural "2" than "1", and hopefully either Lance or AJ steps up enough that we can play him there.

+ Joakim Noah made Roy Hibbert look bad offensively. We were forcing it in to him early, had some trouble, and then never really came back to it, I think. Not sure what the problem was specifically, other than Noah being a very good defender and the Bulls dropping down on him when the Pacers couldn't buy a shot early.

+ David West definitely did not look to be in game shape. However, we saw what we should be able to get from him in flashes tonight: good but not great D-rebounding, a nice mid-range jumper, and better than average defense. I did not see much in the pick-and-pop/roll game from him tonight, aside from one bucket late. That is supposed to be his specialty, and I expect to see more of it as he gets adjusted.

++ As a whole....

Effort looked good, but sloppy. Definitely looks like we have a lot more gelling to do. Offensively, we looked better but not good (compared to last year). We shot like crap early, but this is a team full of good shooters. That will come around as long as the shot selection gets a bit better. Defensively, however, we did not look good at all. A lot of mental errors, and Rose killed us like the MVP he was last year, but aside from the sloppiness something just seemed off.

Your thoughts?

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