"Beasts of the East" 2011-12 Edition

Lights, Camera, Action!



Attention Indiana there are NBA games this season and here is why you should be watching your Indiana Pacers this year.

I saw a lot of positive in what the Pacers accomplished at the end of last season and looked forward to this season more than any season since the infamous "Brawl That Ended it All". The off season and subsequent lockout had me chomping at the bit for it to end and put me out of my misery of some of the off the wall armchair GM'ing that was done on the various blogs including this one. (about 10% of which made any sense whatsoever) With the additions of West, Hill, Pendergraph, and Amundson, the 1st thing that hits you is depth. Depth will be the biggest factor to any team to get to the playoffs, let alone making any noise once they get there. This is the year more than any of the next five or more that the Pacers have a shot of making their loudest noise heard in the east in years. Dumb? Far-fetched?

Hear me out:

I am certainly not basing this on the Pacers suddenly having the best team in the NBA or by one preseason game by any means. But one thing is certain, they will be deep.

Worst case scenario:

Hill outplays Collison and becomes the starter and DC pouts about coming off the bench.

Hibbert still can't play 30 minutes a game and they wear out Foster before the season ends.

Granger continues to pout about his "Star" status and numbers fall again.

West blows out his knee and Hansbrough has to start, taking away the motor of the bench.

George doe's a 360 and becomes the next sad case of not living up to potential.

They win 20 games and miss the playoffs.

Stephenson acts like 12 year old and sends the team in turmoil.

Panic sets in and Granger is traded at the deadline.

Best case scenario:

Collison plays like the true point guard that he is, averaging 14 points, 8 assists.

George becomes the stud that many of us believe he can be. 18 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists 2 blocks. (Most Improved player award)

Granger steps up and becomes the leader this team needs so bad, leads by example to the tune of 22-5-5

West's legs hold up, averages 16-7

Hibbert just becomes reliable for 16-7, 30 minutes a night

Hansbrough brings the attitude to the Goon Squad and gets 14 & 5. (Sixth Man Award)

Hill gives us the energy and drive he gave to the Spurs.

The rest of the bench jells and play like they have some pride in their roles.

Pacers win 44 games and 4th seed, Depth and youth gets them into the Eastern finals losing in 7 games to the Heat.

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