1/31/11 - Pacers' Stat of the Week: Random Minutiae

Welcome to the newest installment of Stat of the Week. This feature, posted each Monday, focuses in on one statistic or number to recap and tell the story of the Pacers' performance for the previous week.

There was a win and a few losses, but the most important thing that happened this week occurred yesterday afternoon, when Jim O'Brien was let go from his position as head coach. Assistant Frank Vogel now steps in as interim head coach for the rest of the season.

My thoughts on the matter haven't fully coalesced because, to be honest, I'm completely shocked O'Brien was fired. I'm not shocked because I thought the move was undeserved or unnecessary but because the Pacers' organization has not usually been one for drastic adjustments to course mid-season.

I am excited for the switch because it removes all the easy excuses. Whether the team struggles or improves from here on out we will get a more accurate assessment of the talent on this roster. No more "he's been ruined by O'Brien's coaching." I for one, don't attribute as many of the team's problems to O'Brien as others do. There were certainly things he did I disagreed with, but for the past three and a half seasons the Pacers played hard almost every night; a minor victory to be sure but not something every team can say. In addition, they stayed competitive with a roster lacking significant talent. I really enjoyed @Pacers_Chants fanpost and thought it was an excellent assessment of O'Brien's tenure.

A new era begins for the Pacers' today. Frank Vogel alluded to significant changes at his introductory press conference. We just passed the mid-way point of the season and I'd like to give Vogel a week or two to try and put his stamp on the team. For that reason we are going to stay away from any big analysis this week but just look at some of the statistical highlights and lowlights from the season so far.

Most Points in a Game: Danny Granger - 37 Points - 11/30/10 vs. Sacramento

Most Rebounds in a Game: Danny Granger - 17 Rebounds - 1/2/11 vs. New York

Most Assists in a Game: Darren Collison - 13 Assists - 1/11/11 vs. Philadelphia

Most Blocks in a Game: Roy Hibbert - 6 Blocks - 12/17/10 vs. Cleveland and 11/5/10 vs. Milwaukee

Most Steals in a Game: Paul George and Darren Collison - 5 Steals - 12/31/10 vs. Washington and 11/5/10 vs. Milwaukee

Most Turnovers in a Game: Josh McRoberts - 8 Turnovers - 12/3/10 vs. Phoenix

Most Made Free Throws in a Game: Danny Granger - 12 FTM - 1/26/11 vs. Orlando

Most Made Three Pointers in a Game: Mike Dunleavy (2), Brandon Rush and Danny Granger - 6 3PTM - 1/28/11 vs. New Jersey, 11/9/10 vs. Denver, 12/6/10 vs. Toronto, 10/29/10 vs. Charlotte

Biggest Margin of Victory: 32 Points - 1/28/11 vs. New Jersey

Biggest Margin of Defeat: 26 Points - 11/3/10 vs. Philadelphia

Best Shooting Performance: 56 of 87, 64.4%, 11/9/10 vs. Denver

Best 3PT Shooting Peformance: - 12 of 22 , 54.5% - 1/28/11 vs. New Jersey

Worst Shooting Performance: 28 of 89, 31.5% - 11/3/10 vs. Philadelphia

Worst 3PT Shooting Performance: 3 of 19, 15.8% - 12/13/10 vs. Chicago

Highest TS%: Paul George - 57.0%

Lowest TS%: T.J. Ford - 44.1%

Highest TOR: Solomon Jones - 16.71%

Lowest TOR: James Posey - 6.30%

Highest TRR: Jeff Foster - 19.8%

Lowest TRR: A.J. Price - 2.1%

Highest PER: Danny Granger - 17.4

Lowest PER: James Posey - 8.5


Statistical Query of the Week: Last week, prompted by some great questions from Lefty, we took a look at when the Pacers' shots are coming in the shot clock. This week we're looking at some of the same numbers but broken down by individual players.

The table below shows the percentage of FGA, the eFG%, the Ast% and the points per game broken down by when the shots came in the shot clock. The shot clock times represent the elapsed seconds before the shot is taken. In an effort to pare down the information I've just included the major rotation players.

Player/Time Att. eFG% Ast% Pts/G
Danny Granger (0-10) 46% 52.9% 59% 8.4
Danny Granger (11-15) 28% 43.0% 51% 4.2
Danny Granger (16-20) 18% 44.5% 55% 2.8
Danny Granger (21-24) 8% 51.9% 43% 1.5
Mike Dunleavy (0-10) 47% 47.8% 77% 4.2
Mike Dunleavy (11-15) 29% 48.0% 93% 2.6
Mike Dunleavy (16-20) 15% 70.6% 79% 1.9
MIke Dunleavy (21-24) 9% 56.1% 100% 1.0
Roy Hibbert (0-10) 28% 48.4% 53% 3.2
Roy Hibbert (11-15) 32% 40.0% 70% 2.9
Roy Hibbert (16-20) 23% 49.5% 51% 2.7
Roy Hibbert (21-24) 17% 36.8% 46% 1.5
Darren Collison (0-10) 51% 50.5% 24% 6.0
Darren Collison (11-15) 23% 46.8% 33% 2.5
Darren Collison (16-20) 14% 48.2% 38% 1.6
Darren Collison (21-24) 12% 40.2% 37% 1.1
Tyler Hansbrough (0-10) 28% 40.0% 56% 1.1
Tyler Hansbrough (11-15) 34% 45.0% 73% 1.6
Tyler Hansbrough (16-20) 26% 41.7% 80% 1.1
Tyler Hansbrough (21-24) 12% 64.7% 55% 0.8
Josh McRoberts (0-10) 45% 63.8% 70% 2.8
Josh McRoberts (11-15) 29% 54.5% 71% 1.5
Josh McRoberts (16-20) 16% 28.0% 83% 1.0
Josh McRoberts (21-24) 10% 40.6% 83% 0.4
Paul George (0-10) 48% 56.0% 52% 2.9
Paul George (11-15) 20% 47.1% 100% 0.9
Paul George (16-20) 20% 55.9% 38% 1.1
Paul George (21-24) 13% 40.9% 100% 0.5

It's tough to glean a whole lot from these numbers. There are some players who clearly thrive scoring in early offense situations like Collison and McRoberts. There are some who clearly thrive in set offense situations like Mike Dunleavy. Everyone else seems to be a mixed bag. It seems like the lesson for the Pacers would be to maximize their early offense situations and if nothing presents itself, allow their sets to develop patiently waiting for a good shot.

Next week will look at these numbers for the Pacers' opponents. As always, if you have a Pacers' related statistical idea you'd like me to look into, send me an email at Levy2725@gmail.com and include Indycornrows somewhere in the subject line.

Rebound Percentage Update:

In the first installment of Stat of the Week we discussed Rebound Percentage and identified it as a season long focus and bellwether statistic for the team. The team's percentages 44 games into the season look like this:

Offensive Rebound Percentage: 23.8% (25th in the NBA)

Defensive Rebound Percentage: 75.4% (6th in the NBA)

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