IC Cold Links: Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum beat Pacers...Carmelo Anthony, and Chauncey Billups tonight

The Indiana Pacers proved once again they are one of the better three quarter teams in the NBA.  I can only think back to a handful of games that the Pacers were never really in a game.  They have the potential to be in every game and are typically in position to actually win most games in the 4th.

Last night, you could feel the momentum changing late in the 3rd quarter and I think most of us knew all too well what was coming.  The lead was quickly taken over by the Blazers and actually spread wide open for a while.  Danny Granger and Darren Collison tried to bring the Pacers back, which they did, but it was too little too late.

The Pacers now take on the Denver Nuggets, who gave up 144 points to the Pacers earlier in the season.  Do you think the Nuggets will take this game lightly?  I sure don't think so...Even with all the rumors with the Carmelo Anthony saga floating around, they have shown they can push through adversity and still win. 

For most of you, this is probably a very easy question to answer, but what do you think the reason for the Pacers' inability to finish is?  Is it simply JOB and his coaching?  Do we need a "closer"?  Do you think we the Pacers are simply too immature and young and will improve as the season go on?  Let me know your thoughts on the reason for letting late games go...after the jump check out the links of the day...

Box Score

PACERS: Game Rewind: Trail Blazers 97, Pacers 92
Game Rewind has analysis, notes, quotes, stats and photos from the Pacers' 97-92 loss in Portland Saturday night.

Pacers blow 16-point lead in loss to Blazers | The Indianapolis Star | IndyStar.com
PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Indiana Pacers can say they've perfected one thing on their road trip. It's too bad it's not something they should walk around and brag about.

Portland 97, Indiana 92: Adversity strikes again ... and Blazers pull together | OregonLive.com
Wesley Matthews and Rudy Fernandez pick up the slack after Andre Miller leaves with an illness, and LaMarcus Aldridge notches his 21st double-double.

Media Row Report: Blazers 97, Pacers 92 - Blazersedge
The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Indiana Pacers 97-92 at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night.

Indiana Pacers vs. Portland Trail Blazers - Recap - January 22, 2011 - ESPN
NBA Basketball Recap: Final statistics from the Indiana Pacers vs. Portland Trail Blazers game played on January 22, 2011

Indiana Pacers vs. Denver Nuggets - Preview - January 23, 2011 - ESPN
NBA Basketball Preview: Final statistics from the Indiana Pacers vs. Denver Nuggets game played on January 23, 2011

Indiana @ Denver GameThread, Jan 23, 2011 5:00 PM PST - Denver Stiffs
Well, looks like the Pacers should be a cakewalk...but, can anyone blame them for thinking that after the past three showings??

Oden still wants to 'dominate' | The Indianapolis Star | IndyStar.com
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Cory Biggs, fully decked out in Portland Trail Blazers attire from head to toe, looked up and shook his head at the 14-foot picture of Greg Oden plastered on the wall inside the team's gift shop at the Rose Garden.

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