Chad Ford say NJ sets its eyes on Granger!

A straight trade with New Jersey does not work with the Pacers.  But what if you get Detroit involved with this trade as well it works well.

I have been researching rumors from these three teams to figure out what a good trade  would look like for these teams. 

From Detroit the rumors are that they want to dump salary and start over.  They are shopping Prince, Hamilton, Gordan and some others to see what they can get back.

From New Jersey, They want some star power.  Danny Granger is supposed to be their back up plan to Melo.  You dont have to give up as many assests and you still get you players you wanted.

From Indiana, rumor was no one was untouchable anymore, and I am still wondering if that is what it is and just rumors, but since they are out their we will have some fun with it.

Here is the Trade-

Pacers get - D. Favors, Ben Gordan, and NJ first round Pick.

Detroit gets - Murphy, Rush, and Humphries

NJ gets - Granger and Hamilton. 

Why the teams do this trade.

New Jersey wants to win and put stars on the floor for Brooklyn.  A Starting Lineup for New Jersey would look like this

Pg  Harris  Sg Hamilton  SF Granger  PF Open/free agent next summer C - Lopez 

That is a really good core to work around.  That is a winning team.  Now they will have to sign a good PF and look to replace hamilton eventually, but that is a team that will have to win now. 

Detroit wants a new start.  They pick up all those expiring contracts and Rush just to help fill that void untill they find a longer solution for what they want for their team.  lottery picks will help.  Plus they still have prince to trade away for some picks and maybe some young talent.

Finally the Pacers.  Losing Granger is hard, but you get a mid round pick from NJ plus your lottery pick and Derick Favors.  Gordan has a big contract, but you can use his shooting until you find your solution their.  This team could use this for a fresh start and could still make the playoffs next year.  I am in Favor of this trade. lol!

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