Nets are out, can we involve ourselves in 'Melo-to-Bulls?

Assuming we don't acquire Anthony Randolph any time soon, could we be a part of a trade that sends 'Melo to Chicago, who is reportedly already talking to him?

The Bulls want to package Deng/Taj Gibson and picks for 'Melo. I just don't think Denver would want to take back Deng's years. Without 'Melo, I figure they go into rebuilding mode and will either insist on Joakim Noah (who has a Poison Pill Provision, making him tough to trade until the start of next season) or want expiring deals and picks. Here's my idea for the trade:

CHI gets 'Melo and Al Harrington

DEN gets Dunleavy, Ford, Solo Jones and at least one, maybe two unprotected first rounders from Chicago

IND gets Taj Gibson, Deng, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver (to make rosters match we'd have to also take back cash from CHI to buy out A.J. Price or Lance Stephenson)

I know it would suck to make Chicago nearly unbeatable, which is what my trade would sort of do. Rose/Melo/Noah/Boozer is about as unstoppable a core as you'll see anywhere for the forseeable future. But it could be enticing to all parties involved:

DEN-The Nuggets do it because they don't want to take on years. If they're losing 'Melo they may want to re-build anyway, and this would save them an immediate $2 mil, and all the millions they wasted on Harrington's too long deal. Plus it would give them one, probably two draft picks. We could also throw in Price or Stephenson if they were interested in either.

CHI-Obviously they do it to get 'Melo without losing Noah, plus they make out like bandits shipping their three worst contracts to us.

IND-The Pacers do it because between Deng and Brewer, someone fills the team's second-most obvious need at SG. Korver is a great three point shooter who should thrive in this "system." Taj Gibson, in my opinion, is the real deal at PF, is a perfect fit alongside Roy, and could blossom into an All-Star. Also Brewer is an outstanding perimeter defender, who's got more promise than Dhantay Jones. Best of all, we don't lose any draft picks.

I know it's risky, and unrealistic, but how would you feel about something like that to try to use our expiring contracts before we lose them? The Deng contract scares me the most, but he's only 25 and has been a borderline All-Star his whole career.

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