Welcome to Me and Trade Idea

I've been checking up on Indy Cornrows nearly every day since I discovered the site about a year ago. This, however, is this first time I've actually participated. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading many of your postings, and have cringed at even more (all of you band-wagoners who call the Pacers and Larry Bird the scum of the NBA one day, then the next OKC Thunder and GM of the decade a few hours later). Anyway, I've been a life-long Pacer fan through the very, very good and the very, veryyyy bad. I'm happy to join up and be a part of this site. Now enough of that bs...

With all of the discussion lately on the Pacers' need to fill the PF spot, I'm a little bit surprised to have not even heard the name Taj Gibson. I love what you all have had to say about Josh Smith and Al Horford (I agree, either would be a lovely addition), but I'm starting to think that Gibson might be more realistic. I know that he was one of their first-round picks last year and became their starting PF, but now the Bulls are making a push for Carmelo Anthony. Obviously, they're going to have to give up some young talent to do so. I say the Pacers try to get in on that. I have been up since 4:30 this morning, and have been messing around with the Trade Machine and stuff, so forgive me if this sounds crazy. I had originally meant to make this a little simpler than what it turned out to be. Anyway, this is a trade I came up with and the explanations for each.

Pacers get: Taj Gibson from CHI

                    Kenyon Martin from DEN


Bulls get: Carmelo Anthony from DEN

                Renaldo Balkman from DEN

                J.R. Smith from DEN


Denver get: Luol Deng from CHI

                   James Johnson from CHI

                   Mike Dunleavy from IND

                   Solomon Jones from IND

                   Brandon Rush from IND

                   Some draft picks


OKAY, I know this looks lopsided. And to be honest, when I put it in to the Trade Machine, my computer was being weird and I was not told if the trade was accepted or rejected. But, give or take a few bit players in this tade scenario, and some picks or the Pacers trade exception (which I admittedly do not understand), I think you get the main idea for what I'd like to see happen. Here's how the trade could work for all teams involved and why they may pull the trigger on it:

The Pacers: We would get the young PF we covet who likes to bang with the big boys ala Dale Davis, can shoot the midrange jumper and plays really good D. He'd be able to widen the lane a little more for Roy down low on offense because defenders would have to step out on Taj and get a hand in his face (unlike our problem now where we'd have our PF standing out behind the 3 point line jacking up airballs all night with JOB egging him on). Gibson just turned 25, so we'd need to sign him to an extension immediately so he could grow with all of our other young guys. Can you imagine if we had a lineup of Collison (23 yrs), George (20 yrs), Granger (27 yrs), Gibson (25 yrs) and Hibbert (23 yrs)? We could essentially have the same core group of guys for the next decade. This would be an exciting team with good character that would put butts in the seats at Conseco, as well as eventually contend for championships. The Kenyon Martin pickup is just a 17 million dollar "throw in". The main point of him being included is because I am suuuure Denver would love to get rid of him and they need a lot of incentive here. On the plus side, his idiotic contract is expiring and he would add some experience and depth at the 4. After the coming year, we'd let him go and hopefully we'd have another young guy in Tyler ready to take over the backup PF spot (which in my opinion is what he should be, a really good backup). As far as what we have to give up...not much. Dunleavy, Solomon Jones and Rush have all outlived their welcome in Indy in my opinion. These guys are all expendable. Basically all they're doing here is taking playing time from other guys who are more deserving of it. And finally, we'd clear a roster spot for Magnum Rolle.

The Bulls: Carmelo Anthony

The Nuggets: Basically, they have no other choice from the way things stand right now. Anthony wants out, and I don't blame him. The Nuggets are in the awkward situation of having to make the most out of nothing. They obviously aren't going to get anybody on par with Carmelo's talent, so the best option they have is to go for young talent, expiring contracts, and draft picks. They would be acquiring all of these with this trade, not to mention Luol Deng. All the sudden, it looks like the Nuggets will soon be in rebuilding mode. Number one priority when in that situation: getcha some money. This season alone, they'd be trading away 41.9 million in salary and taking on only 26.6 million. Then after this coming season, 4 of these newly acquired contracts will expire, creating an additional 15.2 million to spend next summer. That's actually a smaller amount than what they would currently have expiring if this trade was not made, but I think it would be a no-brainer because they'd be getting rid of 2 players who have fallen out of favor with George Karl (Balkman and Smith), Martin's enormous contract, and a star player who is unhappy and wants to be traded. In return, they'd get some players to fill some much needed holes at SG and SF. If none of them pan out this year, they can use their expiring contracts (except for Deng, he's there to stay for a while) to sign some players next summer or trade them to a contender at the trade deadline. They'd be getting in James Johnson a very talented player who should start for them in the near future. And finally, they'd have to get some draft picks as well.

I know this may look like Denver is getting ripped off, and that Chicago is hitting the jackpot. But, anytime a player of Carmelo Anthony's caliber demands a trade, the team trading him will undoubtedly get lesser value, at least initially. Anyway, I don't really give a damn about the Bulls or the Nuggets. I just want to see the Pacers WIN, and I think this would help tremendously. Sorry for rambling, I kinda got on a roll. Please let me know what you think. Feel free to tear me a new one or tell me you love me. I can take either. I look forward to arguing with you all throughout this playoff season.

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