Posey Will Not Seek Buyout + More Trade Ideas

While this move may be primarily financial on Posey's part, I'm glad he's willing to be a part of what the Pacers are doing.  Hopefully Ford is the one on the way out.  I say anyone is fair game on the trading block with the exception of Granger, Hibbert, Collison, George, and Stephenson.  If we can find ourselves an All-star caliber PF, I would even make George or Stephenson available, as well.

Couple trades to think about:

Indiana gets: Jason Thompson

Sacramento gets: Brandon Rush

Thomspon is a solid rebounder.  I would like to see him play some PF as well as a bit of C.  Since the Kings now have Cousins, Whiteside, Landry, and Dalembert all vying for playing time, Thompson could be available.

Indiana gets: Andrei Kirilenko

Utah gets: Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster

I love Kirilenko's defense, energy, and versatility.  He would be a great mentor for Granger and company along with Posey.  Kirilenko has the ability to fill in at power forward.  Utah would also receive a mentor for Gordon Hayward and another big man down low to combat the Lakers, who did eliminate them from the playoffs.  This trade definitely involves some dreaming, but it would be nice to see something like this happen.

Indiana gets: Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Millsap

Utah gets: Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster, Brandon Rush, Tyler Hansbrough

I love this wrinkle from the previous trade.  Millsap would be great at power forward.  Still get Kirilenko.  Utah gets a couple young assets and all expiring contracts, to go with the previous points above.

Indiana gets: Michael Redd

Milwaukee gets: TJ Ford, Mike Dunleavy

This actually makes a lot of sense.  Redd will be out until February and we are already stacked at wing and looking to move Ford and Dunleavy.  The Bucks really don't have a point guard on the roster besides Brandon Jennings and Keyon Dooling.  In a swap of expiring contracts, I see both sides being happy with this trade, that is if Milwaukee is able to accept losing Michael Redd who never really gave them anything after signing that huge contract about 5 years ago.

Indiana gets: Michael Redd, Nazr Mohammed

Milwaukee gets: Jeff Foster, Boris Diaw

Charlotte gets: T.J. Ford, Mike Dunleavy, L.R. Mbah a Moute

Indiana gets rid of Ford and Dunleavy.  Makes up for the loss of Foster in Mohammed.  Milwaukee gets another big man to back up Bogut in Foster and a versatile player in Diaw.  Charlotte gets the PG they need, a shooter in Dunleavy and a versatile, growing player in Mbah a Moute.

Just a fun 3-way twist on the Redd acquisition.

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