Ideas I see a real fit for

All week long through all the sites i visit all i keep reading about the pacers is thier countless search for a pg.  When all the smoke settle I believe that thier are so great options we can have as free agents that will have no problem running our team.  First things first, we are not a championship team.  Second it is going to be hard to make a blockbuster trade without taking back way more than you give, aka the luxary tax which we will not go over. (On that point, if you want Indiana to get back to the 90's where people wanted to come here and they would go over the cap, then we have to fill the seats. Support the franchise while its down and we will turn it around.  We are not ban wagon fans.  Stay loyal and go pacers!) 

Here are the options that I would love to have.  Jordan Farmer is my first option.  Why, he is 23 with a lot of optside.  With the triangle offense he is more like a shooting guard, Aka derek fisher role.  Hes a true point guard.  In our system he should fit in great.  Also at 23 he has got time to grow into his role. 

I would love to sign two point guards, the second being kyle lowry.  He is also young with potential he has not crack open yet.  He is a bit of a reach in the terms that you dont really know what he is going to bring to the table for you.  But I think you will be able to bring both these guys in and say the position is yours to have.  The compition would bring the fight and desire out of both and maybe just take care of that position for now. 

A trade that I would make with toronto losing both and possibly turkolu there is a great option to trade them for jarack Jack.  He fit our system so well and really came into his own at the end of the season two years ago before we left them. 

The Trade would be Jeff Foster for Jarack Jack straight up.  it would allow toronto to move bargnani to PF and let Foster and their Youngster split minutes at center.  This gives us a starting pg and allowes us to still get farmer or lowry and have the position salitified. 

Starting Five

Jack/ Farmer/ Price

Jones/ George/ Stephanson

Granger/ Dunleavy/ George

Murphy/ McRoberts/ Hansborugh

Hibbert/ Rolle/ Solo

I know that this is kind of a long post but here is a trade I think that the pacers could make that would allow them to get some young talent to help with the future. 

Pacers Get : Micheal Redd and Ersan Ilyasova

Pacers Trade: TJ Ford, Brandon Rush, Troy Murphy

This would help out with getting us to the play offs.  I really like this Ilyasova Kid.  I saw him play last year against the pacers and his upside is tremendous.  I love micheal redd because he is a great compliment to dannys and georges driving ability to just hit open threes and make shots when danny cant. 

Milwaukee gets Rush to back up salmons and I think this opportunity for him would be awesome.  We send T.J. ford back to the team that drafted him and he backs up jennings for a great second option for the team.  then they get a starting PF in Murphy that will allow them to have a forward that plays with bogot that will spread the floor and help jenning and bogut and salmons in getting them open shots and hitting the three. 

Our new starting five would be

Jack/ Farmer/ Price

Micheal Redd/ George/ Stephanson

Granger/Dunleavy/ George

Ilyasova/ McRoberts/ Hansbourogh

Hibbert/ Rolle/ Solo

I Like this team alot and think that it would make a run at the playoffs and have some potential down the road to make some deap runs. We would still have 15 million to spend nest offseason to get a quality star to help.  I am not sure if this is the best way to change the team but i know that i would like the potential of this team. 

What does everyone think.

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