2 Pacer Trades= Top 4 team in East for next 4 years


With all the cap that's coming to the Pacers they will look for stars to fill the most glaring needs for the next few years---PG, PF, SG. I believe those needs can be better filled through trades with teams desperate to clear cap space rather than through free agency. Two of the players I suggest trading for are overpaid but due to the plethora of lower paid players and rookie contracts it's very doable and does not jeopardize resigning any of the younger players in the future.


Pacers Trade:                                            Hornets Trade:

Ford                                                             Okafor

Rush                                                           Collison

S. Jones

Rights to Lorbek

Think: Pretend  Okafor and Collison are getting paid 6.5 million each instead of 11.5 and 1.5. Collison is a point of the future and Okafor's defence and rebounding compliments Hibberts offensive game and softness on the glass.


Pacers Trade:                                           76ers Trade:

Dunleavy                                                    Iguodala

Foster                                                         Kapono

D. Jones

2011 Second Round Pick

Think: Granger may be better than the over priced Iguodala but few can argue against his offensive and defensive prowess. This pair may be a top 3 best wing tandem in league.


The outgoing and incoming salaries of this trade are identical, with Kapono and Murph coming off the books for 18.5 next season (partially can be used on two vet. bench players). Meanwhile, Granger, Iguodala, Okafor contracts expire in 2014 just when extensions for Collison, Hansbrough and George the following year will take affect. The only player that needs be resigned within the next four years is Hibbert.

2010-2011 Roster                                                        2011-2014 Roster (as is)

Starters         Bench                                                      Starters        Bench

Hibbert          Okafor                                                       Hibbert        McRoberts

Murph            Hansbrough                                           Okafor          Hansbrough    

Granger        George                                                    Granger       George

Iguodala       Kopono                                                   Iguodala       Stephenson

Collinson     Price                                                         Collison      Price

                      McRoberts                                                                     Rolle

                      Stephenson                                                                 2011 1st Round

                      Rolle                                                                              2012 1st Round

                                                                                                             Stanko Barac 2012-13

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