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Another trade to view........

I am not saying this would be a good trade or even a bad trade.  I am just putting this one out there to see what fellow Pacer fans think about it. I know the Bobcats are trying to make deals. Plus they really like Ford. So here is my trade. The Pacers trade T.J. Ford, D Jones, and Foster for DJ Augustin and T. Chandler and a future pick

We would get a young PG with expiring contract I know he is not a stud PG that we all wish for. On the other hand he does give us another young PG with a lot to prove. You would have Augustin, Price and Lance trying to prove themselves not only to us but to the NBA.  If he does not pan out no harm no foul his contract ends this season. Tyson Chandler is in this deal to make the the money match. He has a big number this year but his contract ends after this season as well.  You can always use another NBA big man hopefully   he could stay healthy.  The pick would be some future pick.

For the Bobcats they would get T.J. Ford who has more experience than Augustin.  Lets not forget the Bobcats made the playoffs last year but they lost Felton who was the only other PG besides Augustin so I am sure Larry Brown would rather have someone like Ford over Augustin running the point. Brown is not a big fan of young PG's. They also get D Jones who would probably fit well with this team and be a nice back up to Steven Jackson plus Jones has proved in previous years that he can be a good role player that can play solid defense.  Unlike JOB Larry Brown loves solid defenders so Jones would probably fit well here.  Foster is like Chandler in this deal you put him in to match up money. I like Foster has been a solid hustler for us and any team would be happy to get a scrappy big man willing to do the dirty work for you.

This trade probably would benefit the Bobcats more then us especially right away, but if you are not going to let Ford play lets move him lets take a chance with a young Augustin, Price and Lance.  We have to realize that we are not going to get a stud for Ford. No Harris from the Nets neither Hornets PG. It also looks like we are not going to land a free agent PG either.  So what do the Pacers do?

1. Take a chance trade early bring in a young guy to compete with the other young PG

2. Keep holding on to Ford  let JOB play him in random spots trade him near the trade deadline still get a guy that is probably not proven but in this scenario we get this player for half a season or we will probably get a guy that has a bad contract but we take it because its the only way to get rid of Ford. 

3. We keep Ford pay him 8 million and let him go on his way at the end of the season.

Either way we are not going to make or not make one of these moves and be instant contenders. If the Pacers can somehow make some trades like the one above some that do not tie us up with bad contracts and gives us some young potential at least then the fans would feel like we are doing something. It seems that most fans want to trade Ford.  I think I would like this trade even better if we could resign Watson for the right price.

Pacers 2010-2011

PG- Watson, Augustin, Price Stephenson

SG- Dunleavy, Rush, George

SF- Danny Granger 

PF- Murphy, Hansbrough, McRoberts, Magnum

C-  Hibbert, Chandler, Jones

The reason I like Watson for the right price is he could really teach the young guys the PG position and be the leader of that group and Suddenly we would have 4 players to run the point and that would really give us a good chance to bring Lance up to speed playing the point in the NBA totally different then the summer league.

Dunleavy, Rush, and Hansbrough can all help out at the SF position depends on the match ups also Lance and George can both play minutes at SG.

That leaves us 7 big men to work with.


Now with all that being said the Bobcats will probably deal Chandler to the Raptors for Calderon so none of this could happen but its always fun to play GM every once in awhile.

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