What the hell is wrong with David Kahn?

I'm actually really, really glad this guy isn't our GM (anymore). Every day he reminds me that things could be much, much worse.

So first the T-Wolves acquire Al Jefferson when his value couldn't have been higher, then sign him to a ridiculous contract (even though he was clearly just the second best player on a mediocre Celtics team). 

Then, Al gets injured, Kahn (who seems to know very little about actual basketball) decides to make an inexplicable offensive philosophy shift that doesn't favor Al's style, and makes him look bad on the court while he's trying to recover from surgery.

Then, Kahn makes it known to everyone in the league that he's shopping Al, even though his value couldn't be lower.

Then, Kahn signs an obscure European former second round pick to play center (for more money than he could be paying DeMarcus Cousins or Greg Monroe if he had just drafted one of them) and re-signs the dictionary definition of the word "bust," Darko Milicic. Both guys help to essentially further phase Jefferson out.

When Kahn tried to clumsily dangle Al, Jonny Flynn and picks for Granger and #10, he denied ever doing it, then insulted Larry Bird for offering (presumably) Murphy and a pick for Jefferson (a much more fair deal).

Then, Kahn couldn't get anyone to sign in Minnesota. Not Rudy Gay. Not David Lee (though they did have "serious talks," which are about as consequential as serious kisses on the cheek).

Then, Kahn made a trade to get Michael Beasley, upping the number of post players on the team to at least seven, not counting Jefferson.

Then, Kahn decided that he really wants Eric Dampier's non-guaranteed contract for Jefferson

(For those who don't know, Dampier is non-guaranteed, meaning that once a team that trades for him acquires him, they can cut him and shave his cap number-$13 million-immediately off their books without waiting for him to expire). 

So to recap: Kahn can't get any free agents to sign in Minnesota, despite obvious efforts. He then spends his cap space on his own free agent (Darko) and a former 2nd rounder who just hadn't come over from Europe yet. Then he decides he wants more cap space, so he wants to swap a borderline All-Star for $13 million, even knowing, no, even HAVING BEEN SHOWN this summer already, that he can't spend the money now because no one wants to sign with his team. Huh.

My question is this (and bear in mind, I don't even like Al Jefferson that much): Why not just take the Murphy+pick for Jefferson (assuming it was on the table) if Kahn wants to get rid of Jefferson so bad? No one's going to sign in Minnesota. The only benefit to having cap space at this point in the summer is to take back a lopsided contract in a trade that will ultimately benefit some other team or yield Minnesota another overpaid player. At least Murphy can contribute in some way (unlike Dampier, for whom teams are just salivating to cut), and the deal would include a pick, which will most likely be good. I don't understand. 

Maybe I should ask the fans over at Canis Hoopus. But then I'd have to join their site.

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