Trades The Pacers Should Look Into and Avoid!

[From the FanPosts, boom baby throws out some trade scenarios for consideration while begging the Pacers to avoid some other much-discussed tade options. What do you think? - TL]

Trade #1:  Indiana swaps the #10 pick in the draft with either Memphis or Minnesota for multiple first round picks. Memphis could offer the #12 pick along with either the #25 or #28th pick. Minnesota could offer the #16 & #23 for the 10th pick. Reason that the Pacers do the trade: They currently need as much talent as possible and multiple picks offer the chance to pick up multiple talents with these picks. For example, the Pacers could target Ekep Udoh or Avery Bradley with the 12th pick from Memphis and then pick up a Eric Bledsoe, Armon Johnson, Terrico White, or Kevin Seraphin or Larry Sanders with the 25th pick. Reason Memphis or Minnesota would complete trade: This obvious as both view someone with the 10 pick that they view as a current or future starter.

Trade #2: Indiana swaps Troy Murphy and his expiring contract to the Thunder for the expiring contract of Nick Collison and the 21st pick in the draft or Collison's expiring contract along with the 26th & 32nd or51st picks in the draft. (You could also substitute Nenad Kristic's expiring contract in for Collison) Reason Indiana does the trade: It is the same as the first trade. They acquire more draft picks. Plus they pick up another expiring contract that can either be flipped in another trade or help with salary cap relief the following season. The important thing is that the Pacers don't take on a long term bad contract! Why Thunder do the trade: They continue to acquire talent around their young stars. They were exposed as a small team during the playoffs (They also have the cap room to take Murphy on). While Murphy is not a banger underneath. He does have good size, shoot a good percentage, and average double figures in rebounds. Basically, he would be an upgrade over expiring contract they send the Pacers. If he benefits the team, they can resign him. They can either trade him at the deadline, or let his contract expire if he does not pan out. Their reasoning is to make progress in the playoffs!

Trade #3: The Pacers send T.J. Ford, Solomon Jones, and one of the second round picks they have acquired to the Golden State Warriors for Monta Ellis. -I don't think this will happen, but I can see it being more realistic than the Pacers getting Devin Harris or Tony Parker. Why the Pacers do the trade: They dump T.J and Solomon who are not really in their plans anyway. Also, they have picked up enough picks in the previous trades that they can sacrifice a second round pick. In Ellis, they pick up a 20 plus point scorer that they can put on the court with Granger. This could also work out well as Granger could be the outside sniper while Ellis attacks the basket relentlessly. Furthermore, the Pacers could use on of their picks on either a Terrico White, Greivis Vasquez, Willie Warren, or Mikhail Torrance so that you have another larger combo guard to play alongside Ellis if you are worried about him being a true point guard.

Why Golden State does the trade:

  1. There has been talk about Golden State being up for sale and they might want to shed the long term contract for the expiring contracts.
  2. Steph Curry is clearly their player and it is highly debatable if the 2 of them can coexist long term and produce a winner.
  3. provides a former starter who can back up Steph. Jones offers a big body that can play for the Warriors (assuming Nellie will play anyone taller than 6-8 HA HA)! The second round draft pick allows the Warriors to pick up a prospect to develop.

Now for the trades that I would avoid!

  1. Devin Harris - It is not that I don't think he could help the Pacers. In fact, I think he can. I just don't think he would be available or the asking price will be to great for his services.
  2. Tony Parker - Same basic comments as Harris as far as helping the Pacers. I think he would cost to much for someone who would most likely be a one year and done type player.
  3. Elton Brand - I know the Pacers are not targeting him, but would most likely have to take him on to acquire Iggy or the number 2 pick. He is the exact type of long term contract that the Pacers need to avoid! Plus, his skills seem to be rapidly eroding! These are just some thoughts that I have had as I have observed other post about trade options or players that the Pacers should target. I look forward to your feedback.
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