A Collection Of Everyone's Thoughts Leading Up To The Draft

[From the FanPosts, love this post and all of the comments so far from SethGrandpa so I'm bumping it up to gather more opinions. Rumors are flying so opinions may vary a few times before the draft tomorrow. Time to add my comment. -TL]

Since everything else is fairly specific right now, I thought I'd throw this thread up so that people can toss out their thoughts as the draft approaches.  Think of it as a more "open thread" as opposed to discussing specifics of rumored trades.

Where's your head at as a Pacer fan right now?  Are there guys you've warmed to the possibility of taking?  Are you in the "we must trade the pick for a PG" camp?  Just basically use this as the spillover to place your thoughts (not wild trade speculations) that don't fit elsewhere.

I'll start...

I've slowly started to warm to the idea of taking Gordon Hayward if other players I like are off the board.  I know most everyone here is against the idea - and I've never wanted him badly (I have no real ties to Indiana, so I'm not biased by him) - but part of my trepidation has always been because I've viewed him as a SF.  The past couple days I've started to imagine him as a SG in our system, and quite frankly, I kinda like it.  He's got the height, toughness, and handle to be a weird matchup at the 2.  Some may question his athleticism, but - and holy crap that this is the case - J.J. Reddick has now shown that he can be an effective 2 guard in the NBA.  Hayward is a far better athlete the J.J., and it can be argued J.J. was the best player (or at least most consistent) for the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.  So there's that.

I'd say I still prefer Udoh, but I'm not counting out the local kid.

As for trading the pick for a PG, I'm hesitant because I don't really think any of the PGs we could realistically trade for right now are that good.  I'm not high on Johnny Flynn, Collison, or Lawson.  They may be good players, but I feel like the value isn't there in trades for them right now.  Since I'm of the mindset that we're probably gonna suck this year anyway, I'd rather hold on and see if there is better trade value in-season with our bevy of expiring contracts.  Yes we need a PG, I've been saying that for YEARS when other people weren't on board because of hope that Ford or Jack was the answer (by the way, that might be a clue that you aren't the best evaluators of PG talent), but I just don't think this is the right move.

Also, Ed Davis sucks.  Just because I can never say that enough.

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