Trade-a-Day: Memphis owes us one for Shawne Williams



That other pick came up when I searched Shawne Williams and I really didn't want to see him in a Pacers Jersey.  But, that tat on his back was Florida, so that probably was Daniels.  Here's Shawne along with one of the other wasted picks that year.




I’m not going to do much in depth analysis here.  Just offer a couple of slightly varied options.

The obvious trade here would be if there is someone there at pick 10 that they really want who they fear Indy or New Orleans might pick.  If Henry is there, he’s a solid choice for the Pacers or the Hornets.  The Hornets biggest need is SG/SF.  Memphis seems to be in the market for a possible Rudy Gay replacement.  So there’s a chance they want to move up a couple spots.

Memphis gets: 10th pick, and 57th pick

Indy gets: 12th pick and 25th pick (or maybe the 28th pick)

Or, we could get some players involved here

Memphis gets: 10th pick and TJ Ford

Indy gets: 12th pick and Conley Jr. and filler to match salaries (don’t think they have a lot of interest in keeping Darrell Arthur or Demarre Carroll)

Clearly, we could involve other teams or future picks, but these two deals seem somewhat fair if there is high demand for Memphis to move up a couple spots and ensure they get their man.

There’s a pretty good chance that at least one of the following will still be there at 12; Udoh, Whiteside, Patterson, Davis, or even George or Henry.  I’d even feel much better about taking Aldrich if he’s there at 12 and we got another pick before we draft a lighter shade of Hibbert (that’s what I see in Aldrich).  I also really like Larry Sanders, Gani Lawal, and Damian James as quality value in the mid-20’s.  There’s a chance those guys will be there with the 25th.  There’s even an outside chance that one of the following guys could be there at 25; Babbitt, Bledsoe, Orton, James Anderson, Elliott Williams or even Avery Bradley, though most of those guys will be gone.  If we have to settle for the 28th pick, one of the above guys could be there, if not, it’s nearly a lock that Trevor Booker, Stanley Robinson,  Craig Brackins or one of the fringe 1st round PGs Torrance, Warren, Terrico White, Vasquez, and Armon Johnson will be there.  And, we could probably always find a partner going after the late pick to give us a decent 2nd rounder and a future 1st round pick (Miami picks twice right after us at 40 and probably, if they can keep Wade and bring in Boozer or Bosh, they may not feel the need to keep all their future 1st round picks).  There are a lot of options if we pick up another late 1st rounder.  We could potentially use a mid-20 pick to package with expiring deals to pull off one of the other proposed trades (Brand and the 2nd, or Collison and Okafor, or maybe even Lawson if the right guy is there for Denver…though I doubt it)

We’ve got to get creative here.  I hope we do something smart, but I hope we don’t just "Do Something" miss the playoffs by one game or even get booted in 4 as the 8th seed, call that progress and then watch all the guys we could have drafted blossom like last year.  

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