Trade-a-day: Non-Parker Spurs trade



I’m not at all a fan of renting Parker for a year or over paying him to stay.  I really don’t think we can viably win enough to woo him into resigning unless somehow he proves to be unworthy of the money he thinks he’ll get elsewhere, in which case we’re still over paying him.

I heard somewhere that San Antonio is interested in trading up into the top 10 to get Ed Davis. 

*Sidebar: First of all, though it’s been said before, why on earth did we win so many games down the stretch?  I know we played some bad teams, but does anyone notice how there are a ton of teams trying to trade up in this strong draft?  We missed the top 5 of the draft by what?  Five wins?  Pretty much every team but the Pacers is trying to trade up.  Strange huh?

That said, I’d rather have Memphis’ 12th and 25th or Minny’s 16th and 23rd for the 10th.  But, if those are not on the table maybe I’d consider this depending on who’s there when we draft.

Spurs get: 10th pick

Indy gets: 2010 20th pick, 49th pick, and very lightly protected San Antonio future 1st round pick (top 8 protected in 2011, top 3 protected  in 2012, unprotected after…something like that).

There’s probably going to be 5 or 6 guys I deem worthy of a lottery pick there when we pick at 10 (again, I think this is a really, REALLY good, deep draft).  At least 1 or 2 of them will probably still be there at 20, but there’s like 5 or 6 guys that may not even make the 1st round that I deem worthy of a top 20 pick, at least I would in average drafts.  There’s even a ton of projected 2nd round guys I’d love to have in camp come summer.  I don’t think Davis is ready to contribute enough for San Antonio to finish much better in 2010-11 than they did this year, so the future pick should still be somewhere in the middle of the draft.  I think with their age, even if Parker is healthy all year, they could actually take a small step back. 

I think this is a fair deal for them to move from the bottom 3rd to the top 3rd of a really good draft.

Another upside here, is that maybe, JUST maybe we could package the 20th pick OR (absolutely not AND) the Spurs future pick, preferably the later, in a deal to bring in Collison.  Actually, I think I'd trade them the 20th and the future 1st if we didn't have to take on less desirable contracts like Okafor and/or Posey.  Just a thought.

This is not a no-brainer by any means and I suppose that other pieces and/or other teams could be brought in to make this deal happen as well.

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