Bledsoe under Investigation

Former Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe is under investigation for academic dishonesty as well as potential monetary violations.  While this may or may not have an impact on his draft status, it's always a questionable act to take on a player with such uncertainties in his past.

I do feel that Bledsoe would have been a reach at #10 even if this story had not surfaced.  Even though AJ Price went down with his knee injury, the Pacers should not panic.  Even with AJ, I see them with a record of about .500 next year.  Mediocrity is one of the largest sins in the NBA.  That's exactly where the Pacers have been for the past few years.  Just good enough to miss those impact players in the draft, and just bad enough to continue missing the playoffs.

Considering the players who could fall to the Pacers at #10, I do not see any great changes in the near future.  But considering the draft picks that the Pacers have, they can at least make a step in the right direction.


Pick #10

I do not believe that Greg Monroe will be available.  While he would be a good fit with the Pacers, he would not complement Roy's usually finesse style of play.

Ekpe Udoh should be available at this pick, but I do not believe that he would be a solid choice.  Udoh is already 23 years old.  Josh McRoberts is also 23 years old.  Tyler Hansbrough is 24.  Udoh is also awkward offensively.   Jim O'Brien would not approve.  I see Udoh has a Solomon Jones 2.0. . . not exactly what we need.

In my opinion, it would be in the best interests of the Pacers to select Patrick Patterson out of Kentucky.  He is only 21, but also has had three years of college experience, something that would make Larry Bird smile.  And for Jim O'Brien, he can shoot.  He's not a marksman, but he gets the job done from 15-18 feet.  Also, Patterson is a college graduate.  Brains are always a good thing.  Patterson is also athletic and more of a banger, something the Pacers really need.  Hopefully he will still be available, but he has been impressive in workouts and in measurements.  Patterson has had great interviews, as well.  I'm really beginning to admire him both as a player and as a person.  I hope the Pacers pull the trigger on him as a UK grad, not Bledsoe.  Check after the Jump for some links on Patterson and other prospect workouts.


Some notes on the general workouts:

Mikhail Torrance and Jordan Crawford caught my eye with nice shooting days.  Could potentially be picks at #40.

James Anderson really struggled with his shot.  Also, Gordon Hayward wasn't stunning.

Luke Harangody is a man.  Most bench press reps at just 240 lbs.

Greg Monroe wasn't overly impressive with his athleticism, particularly speed.

Patterson definitely held his own against Udoh in terms of quickness and leaping ability.

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