Scenarios are Fun

Here's another crazy scenario that will never happen.... Okay we've all read on here the numerous ideas of making our team successful and this one I believe takes the cake and is completely viable.... we might even get screwed a little..... crazy.... I know. Like many of the recent trade ideas on here this one involves the Sixers. Their long-term contracts compared to our short term ones is a beautiful mix. SethGrandpa first showed on here the ESPN article over the possibility of the Sixers giving up the 2nd overall pick as long as the contract of Elton Brand was handcuffed on to it.

The first trade goes like this:

Sixers Get:

Troy Murphy

Brandon Rush

The 2010 10th pick

We Get:

Elton Brand

The 2010 2nd pick (Evan Turner)


The next trade involves the Hornets. Some will LOVE this idea and some will HATE it. We need a PG bad at this point and the Hornets have to at least have their ears perked over him. I came up with this one before but let's see if you like it now.

Hornets Get:

Danny Granger

Pacers Get:

Darren Collison

Peja Stojakovic

The 2010 11th pick

The Hornets do this in a heartbeat. They NEEEED a small forward who can score and I don't see how they pass up the hometown Danny Granger. It is a guarantee the Hornets do this. So, with the 11th pick the Pacers draft Paul George from Fresno State. This team is actually rebuilt now. The starting five would be Darren Collison, Evan Turner, Paul George, Elton Brand, Roy Hibbert. I especially like this team because it is filled with great character guys. Turner and Hansbrough are both just winners. Collison is a good guy and he learned from the best in Chris Paul. Hibbert, Dahntay Jones, and Paul George are mature guys who give a lot of energy on the court. You know McRoberts and AJ are doin what they can to do the extra work because they are here workin out so early with Roy. We also get SOOOOOOO much younger. Evan Turner, 21. Paul George, 20. Roy Hibbert, 23. Darren Collison, 22. Tyler Hansbrough, 24. Aj Price and Josh McRoberts, 23. We still have the leadership and bench of Dunleavy, Foster, Dahntay Jones, and Elton Brand. Another beautiful part.... Peja Stojakovic's 14 million dollar contract ends at the end of next year. So really Elton Brand's contract just takes the place of Danny's and we still get to make a splash in free agency next year...... who wants to touch me? Oh I'm that good lol

I wanna hear your opinions guys. Plus any ideas of unloading some of the other contracts such as TJ Ford's or Mike Dunleavy's. Thank you.

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