My plan for a quick Pacers turnaround in 2010/2011

[From the FanPosts, aaronb sacks up and offers a scenario to shake up the Pacers without waiting for two years. Not a fan of scenario 1 but it would definitely give us plenty of new material write/argue about. -TL]

OK, obviously there are some moving parts to this depending on how the draft lottery works out. If we win the lotto then John Wall becomes the obvious pick and we might need to re-evaluate where we go from there. Let's take a gander at the two scenarios  after the jump.

Scenario 1)

We are able to trade Troy Murphy to Cleveland for nothing more than Big z and his expiring contract. We wait out to see where we sit in the Lotto. Likely we are in the 5-10 range, in which case we take the best Power Forward available between Cousins,Favors,Davis or Monroe. Cousins or Monroe in particular will fill the role of rugged rebounding 4 that we really haven't had since Dale Davis was in his prime.

Secondly we offer a contract in the 5/30 range for Raymond Felton to come aboard and fill the PG vacancy that has lingered for far too long.

Thirdly and what will meet with the most resistance is that we package the expiring deals of Dunleavy and Ford to Washington for Gilbert Arenas. Sure his contract is big and there is some risk involved. However with him in tow we will again be a winner. If Indianapolis has shown anything it is that we will support and forgive someone as long as they are contributing to a winner on the floor. I'm quite sure that Gilbert will be willing to keep his nose clean after the gut punch he has taken from the media over this recent affair. He will have 4 yeas left on his deal (Same as Granger) and will provide us with a nice window to compete.

Starting 5 of













Filling out the 10 deep. It would be very tough to argue that this wouldn't be a top 4 team in the Eastern Conference. Capable of playing up tempo, or half court.

Sure it carries risk. However as Mike McD said "You can't win what you don't put in the middle".

Scenerio 2)

We win the Lottery and get John Wall. Then we scratch Scenerio 1 and do something else.

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