Four Team Blockbuster!?!?!

A special thanks to IndyPacers, whose three teamer in the other fanpost got we thinking of this possible four team trade.  This probably won't happen (too many moving parts) but I'm sick of waiting for the trade deadline and have decided to post my idea/insanity.

Teams involved: Pacers, Cavs, Nuggets, Warriors

Cavs get Troy Murphy (11 mil-2 years), Speedy Claxton (5.2 mil-1 year), Joey Graham (825K-1 year)

Warriors get Dunlevey (9.7 mil-2 years), J.J. Hickson (1.4 mil-2 yrs), Renaldo Balkman (2.1mil-4yrs), Anthony Carter (825K-1 yr)

Nuggets get Jeff Foster (6 mil-2yrs), A.J. Price (457K--3yrs)

Pacers get Big Z (11 Mil-1 yr), Ty Lawson (1.4 Mil-2 yrs), Anthony Randolph (1.8 Mil-2 yrs), Corey Maggette (8.9 mil-4 yrs)

Why it could possibly work:

Cavs get Murphy (who they covet to space the floor for LBJ) along with an additional 6 million in expiring deals for the cap next year (and these guys can be cut to make roster room for re-acquisition of Big Z).  They only give up Z, and Hickson, who was rumored to come to Indy with Z for Murphy anyway, and pick up more cap room for next offseason.  They would resign Z after the Pacers cut him.

Warriors are despirate to get rid of Maggette's contract, which is admittedly horrible, and Nelly doesn't like Randolph.  Also, Randolph's injury is probably going to knock him out for the rest of the season, which makes trading him much harder than it would have been last week.  They get Dunleavy, who can take Maggette's minutes, and his contract, while being just as big, is 2 yrs shorter.  They also pick up Hickson, who is a quality young big.  Balkman's contract isn't great but its manageable and Carter is just a salary equalizer who can be cut.  Admittedly, this doesn't look really appealing from the Warriors point of view and doesn't really make sense, but then again many moves by the Warriors haven't made much sense over the years.

Nuggets get Foster (who they covet), and A.J. Price, who can back up Billups and is very inexpensive for the next 3 yrs.  Also, they can resign Joey Graham after the Cavs cut him if they choose.  Giving up Lawson would be tough, but they want Foster and Price seems like he can play from the chances that we have been giving him.

Now the real team of interest: the Pacers.  We would get Big Z (and immediately cut him, to be re-acquired by Cavs), Ty Lawson, Anthony Randolph, and Corey Maggette.  We get the 11 mil in cap room next season and two good young players in Lawson and Randolph.  I understand that Randolph will be out for the year, most likely, but the guy is extremely athletic and really just needs a chance to get out of Nelly-ville.  I really think this guy can be a dominant, athletic big man, and gives us the athletic PF that Hibbert needs for defensive purposes.  We also get the PG of the future in Ty Lawson.  He's playing so well already that I can't see the Nuggets getting rid of him, but they want Foster and A.J. Price (while not as good as Lawson) does give them a young PG to work with.  It would suck to take back Maggette's terrible, horrible, awful, insert synonym for those words here contract, but when you look at it, Maggette's really not that bad.  The main thing about this deal is the constant truth that big name free agents don't come here.  So taking back this bad contract is worth it to get two quality building blocks, as cap space really doesn't matter a whole lot because we would end up spending too much for too little (see O'Neal, Jermaine).

The Pacers then go to war with this:
PG-Lawson/Watson; SG--Rush/D. Jones/Maggette; SF--Granger/Maggette; PF--Hansbrough/McBob (with Randolph coming next season); C--Hibbert/Solo Jones.  This team will be bad.  Top 5 pick bad.  But they will get a little playing time together and will develop together for the rest of the year.

Next season: Lawson, Granger, Randolph, Hibbert, Hansbrough, Top 5 Lottery Pick, and Rush.  That's a decent core going forward.  I know its crazy, especially for the Warriors, but its not really crazy.  Let the ripping commence! 


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