What's the problem with Ramon Sessions?

He was one of the hottest names on the market two weeks ago; now, it looks like only the Clippers, Knicks and Thunder are even interested (and the Knicks and Thunder have pretty tepid interest, from the looks of things). I assume New York is trying to avoid any long-term commitments, and if they have to take one on, they want to save as much money as possible. The Thunder probably believe they have the PG of the future in Russell Westbrook, and don't want to overpay for another one. The Clippers are likely weighing Allen Iverson's ability to draw a crowd with Sessions's ability to provide quality backup minutes (and spot starting work) to Baron Davis. But then, if they signed him he'd be an expensive backup, right (considering what they paid for Baron Davis)? What's happened? A few weeks ago Sessions's agent was talking trash about the Bucks, saying he had no idea what they were doing, and didn't understand why they hadn't offered a mid-level deal to long-term his client before other teams started doing so. Now, all is quiet on the Sessions front (and to a smaller and less interesting degree, the Andre Miller front as well). 

Sessions was, and still is, a guy who I think, at least in the long-run, would be perfect for this team and a dramatic upgrade to T.J. Ford, and there are plenty of Pacers fans, at least on this blog, who agree with me. But now, the market is making the Bucks look smart for waiting him out.

I know the Pacers have four PGs rostered, but with the money they saved on Tinsley, isn't it possible to offer Sessions a deal starting at something close to the mid-level? Is a sign-and-trade a possibility, or perhaps a three-way that deals Ford, too? 

Ford to the Blazers, Martell Webster and Jarred Bayless (they've dangled his name in trades that would net them a PG upgrade, supposedly) to the Bucks and Sessions and either Malik Allen or Francisco Elson to the Pacers works, if Sessions starts at close to $6 million. And a deal like that gives everyone a little bump. The Pacers get their starting PG for the next five years, the Bucks get two young, cheap guards with a lot of promise for when Redd breaks down again, and Portland gets the PG upgrade they've been looking for all summer without having to give up any core pieces. Win-Win-Win.

By the way, before you comment, I'm not down on Ford. I think he'd be a fine starter in Portland, and plenty of other teams. But we have long-term vision, and he's only signed for two more the year we saw him, I didn't see anything that struck me that he would be the perfect guy for this system. His strengths (mid-range jumpers, quick ball handling) are things we're getting from other sources.

Isn't Sessions worth it, or is there something wrong with him that we're missing and all of these other teams are seeing? 

All I know is that if the Bucks get him at a discount because the rest of the NBA teams who needed a PG were too afraid of spending to grab him, I'll scream. 

Come on! Someone needs to sign this guy, right? Or am I just overhyping a player who isn't worth it?

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