CJ Watson anyone?

Not a guy I know too much about, but I read an interesting comment on him and decided to do a little research.  He would be a cheaper replacement for Jack.  Here's what I found:

This is what piqued my interest, from basketball prospectus' analysis of the free agent PG's (and this is in comparing him to Jack):

"Though he's without Jack's pedigree, Watson has carved out a nice career in Golden State as an undrafted free agent; he brings a similar skill set and had superior numbers last season. With the Warriors dealing for Acie Law and drafting Stephen Curry, Watson would seem to be very available."

Hmm, interesting.  Here's some quotes from his profile on, most of which is about a year old:

"He did a great job moving the ball up the floor on the break and making things happen. He has nice quickness and great speed, allowing him to beat his man to the where he earned numerous trips to the foul line. Watson shows a tremendous motor, always in attack mode"

"His assist numbers weren’t great, but he set the tempo and sparked quite a few easy baskets. His shooting touch looked solid, and considering the amount of time he spent with the ball in his hands, he didn’t turn the ball over all that much."

"Defensively, Watson was an absolute nuisance. He has incredibly quick hands and took advantage of some shoddy ball handling by Dallas’s starters."


Realistically, he doesn't sound like he fits into JOB's system as much if he holds on to the ball that much, but hey, I'm ready to let JOB go after this season anyways.  While they don't seem overly excited about his shooting, his percentages are really good: 40% from 3 and 87% from the line.


Here's a quote from his profile before getting drafted that looks promising:

"One of the most steady and more under-appreciated floor generals in this tournament, CJ Watson is exactly the type of player most coaches would love to have running their team. Nothing he does really jumps out at you, but at the end of the day he just gets the job done, to the tune of 15 points a game with a near 2/1 assist to turnover ratio and superb percentages from the field (47% FG, 43% 3P, 87% FT). He's smart, opportunistic, unselfish, and plays both ends of the floor. "


So, like I said, I don't really know his game that well and if anyone knows better, definitely chime in.  He just sounds like a really solid backup PG who can shoot really well, plays good fundamental D and doesn't make many mistakes.  Thoughts everyone?

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