Pacers Pummel the Bobcats, 108-83, While Jacks Scores 31

Pacers 108, Bobcats 83 (F) - Watch more

Even though Indiana still has a shot at making the playoffs, they are 29-42, three games behind the Bulls for the eighth seed. The Pacers proved themselves once more as they literally pummeled the Bobcats, 108-83.

After being benched last night in a 94-92 loss to the Mavericks, Jarrett Jack re-payed it by leading the Pacers with an astonishing 31 points. Jack made 13-of-14 shots and piled on six boards. He also made all of his four free throws along with his stellar performance.

Danny Granger brought on the heat, helping out Jack and the Pacers with 21 points. Brandon Rush added his tidbit with his 15 decent points scored. And if you don’t even believe me that the Pacers killed the Bobcats, they outscored them in the third quarter by a score of 33-9!

This whopping win snaps the Pacers’ nightmare five game losing streak. Even though they have lost six of their last 10 games, they are improving and this will help them into the future.

Even though the Bobcats got pummeled, Boris Diaw helped out the team with his 15 points in a “brutal performance,” according to what said. The Bobcats were looking to have the eighth seed right to them if they beat Indiana, but failed.

They were only one game behind the eighth seeded Chicago Bulls before the game. The after game was hell for them.

Entering the third quarter, you’ll see on TV that the Charlotte fans were screaming “boos” to the ‘Cats as they went 3-19 in shooting, and let Jack do his thing. That was also when the Pacers outscored them, 33-9.

Jack only missed one shot, which was a 3-pointer, but he still brought hell to Raymond Felton. Jack was just constantly dribbling through Felton and sinking the shots.

The Bobcats 9-3 record went down into a slum. Gerald Wallace was considered a “bust” in the game. He was averaging 25 in his last three, but then went 1-4 shooting today and only had three points.

Raja Bell did a little better. But it was only a little. He had seven points and was 3-9 shooting. Bell also had an embarrassing air ball during the game.

And for Felton, even though he was failing defensively, he was also failing offensively. He only hit three of his 13 shots. That was the worst out of all of the teammates I have mentioned.

The Pacers were doing great. After winning a lot of games, they were one game behind the eighth seed. But after that disastrous five-game losing streak, they slumped down to four games behind the eighth seed.

Even though the Pacers were dominant in the third quarter, Ford and Jack weren’t. They had an on-court argument which led Jack to the locker room and the teammates had to separate them.

“Something happened between all of us,” Pacers’ Jim O’Brien said before the game. “We dealt with it and it’s behind us.”

Even though the argument happened, they still pulled out a win. The Bobcats really couldn’t do anything overall. The Pacers beat out the Bobcats in every statistic pretty much.

The Pacers are now 29-42. Can they make the playoffs?

Can they beat out Chicago and grab the eighth seed?

What a steal that could be. Let’s hope that happens. Hope. That is what we need, Indiana fans.

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