5 Reasons to Make a Run at the 2009-2010 Free Agency

1. The FA Talent

Everyone knows the names that are up for grabs this offseason, Lebron, D-Wade, Amare, Joe Johnson... etc. Any one of those players paired with Danny and the rest of the Pacers crew would give a dangerous future.

2. Our Talent

Not only will having our talent be key to surrounding a high-price free agent but it will also make landing one more likely. These players today want to win and surrounding them with talent is the best way to attract them.

3. Getting over the hump

I'm gonna quote the great Chris Berman, the Pacers have always been a "Yeah but" team. Reggie was great and we made some great runs.... yeah but we never won the championship. The pin stripe teams with Jermaine and Ron Artest, we were very dangerous and had a lot of wins in the regular season... yeah but we were bad in the playoffs. Let's not let that happen again... Let's get some rings.

4. The 2010-2011 FA Talent

We are set up to have money for that Free Agency period... Too bad the talent is terrible, and even the guys that are available at that point theres no way of telling if they get an extension by then.

5.  Poor Attendence

The organization is hurting, it needs some relief. Now i'll admit before anyone that Indianapolis is full of fair-weathered fans. Whether it's the Colts or the Pacers, Whenever our teams have their natural bad play that happens to everyone attendence drops and the team has to consider leaving. We need to stop the bleeding that this community contiually puts us in.

If I were the GM:

Roy Hibbert has been a beast ever since Troy has been down, He's been pickin up the peices when Murphy has been hurt. It's time to finish the age revolution and get rid of Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy for..... dont stop reading..... Tracy McGrady. His contract is 22 million and ends after this year and a trade of Mike and Troy works out money-wise. IF we let T.J. go at the end of the year (which is when his contract ends) we would have 30 mil. comin off the books. Enough to pick up my main target in Dwyane Wade. Talk about Jordan/Pippen 2.0, Danny and Dwyane would a scary one-two punch to unleash on the league and would give us our best shot ever at bringing us the Larry O'Brien trophy.

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