Where are they now? Rik Smits

[I saw this today and had an absolute blast watching it. I knew he was into motocross bikes but had no idea how he was able to ride them. Now I do. Thanks for the post, Brent! - Cornrows]

Rik Smits, "The Dunkin' Dutchman", featured here in a great update by ESPN Videos on what one of the Pacers fans most beloved and most memorable centers of all time is up too since his playing days in the NBA. Enjoy, to be honest, how couldn't you? We love you Rik, in my mind Smits is hands down the best center in Indiana Pacers history!

In further researching Riks unfathomable new hobby on the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) official website, I found that "The Dunkin' Dutchman" really is a legitimate contender in the racing circuit he now competes.

In the Gallery of Champions Smits recent honors include:

- 2006: Ultimate Four-Stroke Champion (Intermediate) in the Northwest Maico & CZ Post-Vintage Motocross Series

- 2003: Tommy McDermott Trophy (Outstanding performance in cross country)

In digging even deeper into Riks retirement hobby it was also found that his sponsorship for his newly found love is provided by Metro Racing and the Indianapolis National Speedway, could the Pacers drafting the Hollander 2nd overall in 1988 NBA Draft be the source of Smits post-retirement endeavor, maybe, Indianapolis is nicknamed "The Racing Capital of the World"!

In an article posted in 2006 on "The Dunkin' Dutchman" racing vintage bikes in the AHRMA, Smits answered a few more questions about his new hobby that didn't touch base on, here are a few of those answers that should help you fill in some blanks:

How did Rik start out racing motorcycles?

- Riding on a Berini 50cc bike when he was seven years old in Eindhoven, Holland.

How did Rik start racing in the AHRMA?

- Rik got hooked on vintage motocross racing by attending an AHRMA event with his friend Brian Borshoff, who was entered in a cross country race, and just happened to have a spare bike in the trailer. "I've seen this trick before," Rik thought to himself! Brian offered Smits the bike to race, as Rik said "the rest is history."

What is Riks favorite bike?

- 1981 Maico 490, #45

What is Riks favorite track to race?

- Mid-Ohio because it was where he had his first won an AHRMA race in 2005


Rik Smits Trivia:

  • Wears a size 20 shoe.
  • Has appeared in video games NBA Jam Tournament Edition, NBA Hangtime, and NBA Jam Extreme, and the TV show Pros vs. Joes.
  • Once wore Pacers jersey number 24, but switched to number 45, which was originally worn by former Pacers teammate Chuck Person.
  • His favorite TV Show is Double Dare (1976 game show), and claims to be a huge fan of Gene Wood.
  • Rik Smits was in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America. "While playing at Marist College; His footage playing against St. Johns Redmen at the Madison Square Garden was in the movie Coming to America (1988)";The Holiday Festival, as the Red Foxes previously appeared in the 1987-88 season. That year, Marist was defeated by St. John's and Memphis.
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