Waiting on the Pacers vs. Celtics

Here are a few items of interest as we wait for the "Big Three" and their nine buddies to arrive at the Fieldhouse.

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web implores us not to panic at the familiar flaws we've witnessed in the three straight losses. There's actually plenty to be enthused about. My favorite point:
    Coach Jim O'Brien may have hit upon the solution to the rotation when he slid Marquis Daniels into the backup point guard role against Denver. Assuming Daniels can handle the backcourt responsibilities, it would open up needed backup wing minutes for Williams and Kareem Rush.
    I thought this was a great idea myself. If Travis Diener can't find his stroke, Quis brings plenty of offensive flexibility and defensive match up issues for the opponent. Now, if Quis can remain healthy or at least tolerate the pain in his knees so he can stay in the rotation.

  • The Boston Globe takes a look at former Celtics' coach, Jim O'Brien. Interesting look at how the Celts and O'B parted ways. Also, O'B is Paul Pierce approved.
    "He's a straight shooter type of guy," said Celtics forward Paul Pierce, whose team had yesterday off. "He demands a lot of his players. I'm surprised he has been out of coaching that long. I think we had a good relationship. We had an open relationship. He was real demanding of his players.

    "I looked at him as one of those old-school coaches. He's a throwback coach. He preaches a lot of defense. He always preached about that. I think [the Pacers] are going to like him."
    Sounds like the same description of O'B all the Pacers offer. No doubt he's damanding, but somehow he delivers it in a way they all appreciate.

  • Mike Wells follows up with David Harrision after O'B pined him for a whining technical against the Nuggets. Love to see O'B handle Harrison this way. I will admit, DH has a point about the inconsistent way that whiny technical rule is enforced.

  • With all of the formula stats flooding the NBA analysis landscape, I found this Hoopsworld post quite interesting. Team FG% was found to be a good indicator of wins and losses. So I took a quick look at the Pacers 3 wins and they had a higher FG% than their opponent in all three. And, the 3 losses? You guessed it, they had a lower FG% in all three. The crazy Nuggets game was close, though. Denver shot 43.9% compared to 43.8% for the Pacers.
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